Jan Saunders Maresh, Group Talk Expert and Author, Featured on Influencers Radio

Published on February 23, 2015

Jan Saunders Maresh, author, speaker and Group Talk expert was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. She shared how she helps business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses through speaking to small groups. In the interview, she explained her best-kept secrets on how she sold $1,000,000.00 of a $20 product in 18 months following her specific “Talk For Profit” Group Talk System.

Jan Saunders Maresh is the author of seventeen books, including titles in the world famous For Dummies series. As the creator of Talk for Profit also she understands communication on all levels and simplifies it for her clients.

She discovered a simple and highly effective way for business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and increase their revenue by giving talks to small groups. First, she teaches how to gather a highly targeted audience that will respond to a strategically designed group talk. Then the talk is designed to identify and fix “The Big Hairy Problem” for that roomful of ideal prospects by showcasing the product or service they sell.

According to Maresh, “It’s a misconception that you have to get in front of a cast of thousands and prepare forever — or that you need to create a different talk for each group. The very best group talk gets to the point in forty-five minutes to an hour. And basically tells a story that moves the audience where you want them to go – namely to make a decision and actually buy something.”

Maresh shared examples of how clients who learned this system were able to grow and increase their monthly revenue from 25 to 50% by simply adding two well-designed group talks a month. To achieve these dramatic results, Maresh teaches that there are three key factors to include in a talk that will actually help prospective clients make a buying decision.

First is how to build the “Know, Like and Trust Factor” with the audience. Jan shares, “The key to success is to give a well-designed group talk that connects you to your audience. They immediately get to know you, like you and trust you. And because you’re speaking to more of your ideal prospects in a group setting, you eliminate the time-consuming one-on-one selling that keeps a lot of business owners stalled and not making the income and revenue they deserve.”

Second, “Is having a simple objective. What do you want the audience to do at the end of the talk? If all you’re doing is educating them and they aren’t buying, it’s because the talk isn’t designed to help your prospects make the buying decision.”

The third factor is to magnetize the talk in two ways. First, by creating a magnetic name or “hook” for it and then creating a magnetic experience for the audience, all of which she teaches in her Talk For Profit training. “Creating a group talk that actually sells something is absolutely the easiest and least expensive way to market any business because you move your audience from prospects into clients faster,” she explains.

Maresh said, “Once my coaching clients started giving group talks, it blended in with their daily activities without taking a lot of extra time. It’s really a no brainer.” And the simplicity of her approach is that it works for anyone willing to learn the system – even if they’re scared to death to speak to a group.

Maresh maintains that, “It isn’t the ‘speaking’ part they have a problem with – everyone can talk…it’s the ‘public’ part. Once a client learns the process I teach and to share their passion in their group talk (which is the reason they got into the business in the first place), it becomes so much easier for them to speak to others about what they do.”

Maresh has successfully perfected and used her own system, allowing her to maximize her income, leverage her marketing time and she now helps others to do the same.

Listen to the full interview at: http://influencersradio.com/jan-saunders-maresh-how-to-magnetize-your-talk-for-profit/

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