Farhana Khan Gives Divas a Day Full Of Fun, Fashion and Fabulous Female Empowerment

Published on February 25, 2016

It isn’t easy being a diva these days. Modern women are expected to take care of the family, do an outstanding job at work, volunteer with several charities - and look fantastic while doing it all. This can cause a lot of stress, which is why celebrity makeup artist Farhana Khan created her Diva's Day Out mix and mingle event.

Khan has built a bustling business in Mississauga as a sought-after makeup artist and stylist, but she feels that her real gift is in bringing women together to connect, relax and just have a great time. When the idea for Diva’s Day Out first struck, she knew it could be a fabulous way to reduce stress while also raising money for Syrian refugees.

The first Diva’s Day Out, which was held in December, was an overwhelming success. Women including mothers and daughters, singles and marrieds, homemakers and business professionals, all shared some quality fun time together. Other local women who also contributed to the event included Nida Warsi, who provided photography; Nazia Ahmed, who helped with inquiries; and Khaula Mazhar, who donated paintings for a silent auction which raised money for Syrian refugees. 

“I was thrilled with this outing,” commented Khan. “My makeup work is one way to make women feel beautiful, but I want to do so much more. When you bring different women together and provide them with a stress outlet, it is amazing to see just how quickly they respond. I want to thank everyone who supported and attended Diva’s Day Out, and I look forward to putting together many more events in the near future.”

Khan has an ambitious agenda of upcoming events that will empower women while keeping an eye out for fundraising opportunities. Projects in the pipeline include makeup workshops, a talent show, a family get-together in observance of the Eid Sacrifice Feast in July, and collecting non-perishable items to donate to local food banks.

“I consider myself to be a real go-getter,” concluded Khan. “Not only do I want my makeup business to be a success, I also want to be a success at supporting the women of Mississauga and the Greater GTA.” Follow Farhana Khan on her Facebook page or visit her Instagram page to view photos of some of her amazing makeup work. For immediate enquiries and to connect with the make-up diva herself with all your beauty questions, send her an email at promua1@gmail.com.

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