Fitness and Transformation Coach, Darren Casey Hits Number 1 on Amazon Best Seller List With ‘Body Transformation for Elite Entrepreneurs’

Published on October 24, 2014

The new book by U.K.-based Transformation Coach Darren Casey, aka as the ‘Body Transformation Coach for Busy Elite Entrepreneurs’ recently reached three Amazon Best Seller Lists.

Darren Casey, based in the U.K., is fast becoming the ‘go to guy’ for busy entrepreneurs, recently reached three Amazon Best Seller lists with his new book ‘Body Transformation for Elite Entrepreneurs’. The book reached No. 1 in the ‘Men’s Health’ category, No. 2 in the ‘Health, Fitness & Dieting’ category, and No. 3 in the ‘Exercise & Fitness’ category in the Amazon Kindle store on October 22, 2014.

In this book, Darren Casey discusses the strategies that make him unique and the go-to coach, mentor and virtual trainer for men. Busy successful men tend to focus on their business success, putting aside the need to deal with their health for a rainy day.

Unfortunately, many of these men will find that the rainy day never comes for them.

Darren Casey shares, “Let’s face it. Older men, especially those 40+, you have been in a stressful environment for quite some time, working as a business owner. They’re the guys who have the highest risk for adverse events happening. And I think it’s something like 60% of those guys don’t get a warning that a heart attack is coming. They just have a heart attack and that’s it. They’re gone.

I’ve seen three guys who have been in that position who didn’t take care of themselves. And within the next two to three years, they’re dead. And it sounds very upsetting to hear that, but we can’t hide away from the fact that these are the things which happen when we don’t take adequate care of ourselves for an adequate length of time.”

Focusing on the other side of success, Darren Casey creates a blueprint that is easy and simple to follow. No fads, gimmicks or trendy things to do. He realizes that the best plan is not a great plan if you can’t stick to it. He strives to create a customized program for each man that is simple and sustainable for the long term, eliminating the objections of difficulty or lack of time.

With over 15 years success and continued development, Darren Casey has the knowledge and the strategies that start creating changes for men right away, diminishing cravings for harmful foods and eliminating symptoms that have made life difficult for them. The exercise leg of his platform shocks many in its simplicity. Not only is it simple to do, but it’s also very short in terms of the time commitment needed to accomplish impressive results.

The ability to have a virtual coaching program, with the support and accountability, allows him to help men all over the world create a healthy and energetic lifestyle for the rest of their life.

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