ReLocalMove Founder David Griffith Offers a No Cost Employee Benefit Program for America’s Businesses

Published on October 27, 2014

Real Estate Entrepreneur gives Americas businesses a competitive edge with a no cost employee benefit program.

According to an article in CNN Money titled “How Much Does an Employee Cost?” the majority of employers add 18% to 26% to an employee’s salary to cover the cost of benefits and that number continues to grow. Human Resource managers and owners are faced with the task of managing the cost of benefits along with hiring and retaining the very best employees which is why David Griffith founded ReLocalmove.

“ReLocalmove helps businesses offer a wide range of discounts and benefits to their employees without any cost or heavy administration burden to the company,” said David Griffith. “It gives the employer a distinct advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.”

ReLocalmove offers rebates and discounts on buying and selling property, along with discounts on other home related services such as lending, plumbing, heating and cooling and their list continues to grow. An employer can sign up for the benefits program at no cost to them or their employees and their employees can begin using the providers day one with no waiting period.

When an employee uses Relocalmove‘s real estate services to buy or sell property, they receive a rebate of 25% of the earned commission at closing.  In addition, ReLocalmove donates another 5% to the company or employees charity of choice.  The ReLocalmove website also offers educational videos, tips for buyers and sellers, and a national network for long distance moves.

“Larger companies have offered discounted employee relocation packages for years, but there was not a similar service provided for employees making local moves. We have been selling real estate for 28 years and have participated in thousands of corporate relocations in that time. It struck me that the loyal employees that never got transferred, but who bought and sold many homes during a career, were being neglected.  Not any more.  Relocalmove addresses the needs of EVERY employee whether they are moving across the country or across the street.” Said David Griffith. Though Relocalmove is only available to an employee through their HR department, if an employee wants to take advantage of the discounts and rebates, the employee only needs to have the company go to and sign up to be part of the Relocalmove Network of Companies.

“This is a proven relocation business model that thousands of top corporations take advantage of everyday when transferring employees from city to city. Relocalmove is simply making this proven model available to the rest of the employees who may never move out of state while also making these benefits available to association members like the Home Owners Network, a Relocalmove network company, Non Profit Organization donors and any member of the military,” added David Griffith.

To learn more about how the program helps businesses, associations or non-profits, interested parties can visit

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