Florida Chamber’s Mark Wilson Visits Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share’s Headquarters To Discuss Securing Florida’s Future

Published on June 3, 2022

Aligning our visions on importance of community impact by non-profit & business leaders.

On May 24th Christian Care Ministry (CCM)/Medi-Share welcomed Mark Wilson, President & CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce to CCM’s headquarters. Mr. Wilson’s presentation titled “Securing Florida’s Future by Uniting Businesses for Good” shared their “Florida 2030 Blueprint,” which covered their vision and goals for Florida as whole. Some of the key take-a-ways were on innovative job opportunities for Florida’s families while also ensuring they have the tools necessary to succeed professionally and personally.

 “I recently had the privilege to meet with the leadership team of Christian Care Ministry and I am so impressed with their vision, character and integrity. The Florida Chamber of Commerce, our Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, members and partners continually fight for greater economic opportunity, Florida’s competitiveness and job creation,” said Mark Wilson, President & CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce.”

For over 100 years, the Florida Chamber along with its members and community partners have focused on innovative plans that have Florida leading the way here and throughout the nation. By 2030, Florida is expected to be home to more than four million new residents for a total of 26 million Floridians. With one of the most diverse populations in the world, it is important to ensure Florida continues to lead not only in economic growth but also in supporting our vulnerable populations through the FL Chamber’s Prosperity Project.

“We are united on making Florida communities stronger by cutting childhood poverty in half, ensuring all kindergartners are ready for school, third graders can read at grade level and Florida’s higher education and job opportunities are available to all, while remaining focused on building an innovative and talented workforce.”

“We are committed to being an active member of the Florida Chamber and are excited to partner with them and our community leaders,” said Scott Reddig, CEO of CCM/Medi-Share. “Christian Care Ministry’s mission statement is to ‘Transform society through the Biblical model of sharing’ and we are looking forward to being a part of the solution to end childhood poverty here in Florida by encouraging our staff and others to get involved. Our employees have 24 paid time off hours per year for volunteering, and we are looking at ways they can use that time to support this important work..”

“We are grateful for the team at Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share and we appreciate our partnership as we unite around our 39 Florida 2030 Blueprint goals to continue moving the needle towards our mission of securing Florida’s future. The work done today by Christian Care Ministry and other Florida job creators ensures we will have a safe, healthy, sustainable and vibrant economy tomorrow, and for years to come, with a quality of life and economic opportunity for all Floridians that is second to none,” said Mark Wilson.

“On behalf of our 700+ employees, I wish to extend my sincerest appreciation and thanks to Mr. Mark Wilson for being a clear voice and advocate for Florida’s business community as well as all of Florida’s families.” said Scott Reddig.

About Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share: Christian Care Ministry (CCM), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, based in Melbourne, FL, operates the Medi-Share program, a Christian health care sharing program that provides an affordable alternative to health insurance for faith-based consumers. Founded in 1993, Medi-Share currently serves over 400,000 members across America. For more information about Christian Care Ministry, Visit: https://mychristiancare.org/press.

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