Kathy Lu, Realtor at Keller Williams Realty & Mortgage Loan Originator at Buckingham Mortgage, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Published on June 3, 2022

Kathy Lu recently sat down for an interview about real estate and how she serves her clients in the Denver, Colorado area. She loves to help other people find their dream homes.

Lu said, “I am a realtor, a mortgage loan originator, a mountain hiker, a tango dancer, and a life-lover. I have a master’s degree in accounting, was in the accounting field for about ten years, and I have a background in design.”

When asked why Denver is a great place to invest, Kathy replied, “my philosophy is that if you don’t see cranes, move because the city is dying! Denver has no shortage of cranes, and they’re everywhere, so this is a great city to invest in real estate. People are coming to Colorado and can easily find renters for the home. Not only do we have a booming downtown, and you can see that with all the construction happening around the city, as well as having some of the most popular suburbs in the country such as Highlands Ranch and Golden.”

Listen to this informative interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network. https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-kathy-lu-realtor-at-keller-williams-realty-mortgage-loan-originator-at-buckingham-mortgage/

In the past year, home prices in the city have increased by over 20%. This has caused many people to believe that a crash is imminent. However, not everyone is convinced that the market is headed for a crash. Some believe that the current conditions are sustainable. They point to the fact that there is still a great demand for housing in the city.

Additionally, they argue that job growth is likely to continue. This could help to keep prices from falling too sharply. Several factors have contributed to the current state of the market. First, many people have moved to Denver from other parts of the country. This has helped to drive up prices. Additionally, the city has experienced a boom in job growth. This has led to more people having the disposable income necessary to purchase a home.

Lu said about a possible real estate bubble: “Denver will avoid the real estate “bubble” because there’s so much demand in this area.”

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