Former NFL Player Starts Business Helping People Get Pain Free in 10 Days

Published on June 8, 2016

Pacific Neuro Therapy founder, Jeron Mastrud, has a driving passion for helping current and former NFL players since he's experienced the pain they go through. He wants to help those still playing remain on the field and those that are retired to live a functional, active life with a process that provides immediate and lasting injury and pain relief.

Medical evaluations at the NFL Scouting Combine are not televised because they aren’t glamorous or entertaining. But for some, they can make or break your initial start in the NFL. For Jeron, at age 21 with his dream of playing in the NFL right in front of him, he was blindsided with the news that he had early onset arthritis and degenerative, bone on bone conditions in both knees. His friends retired from the NFL now ask, “Why am I in more pain now than I did when I was playing?” So Mr. Mastrud founded PNT, which helps athletes gain back the active lifestyle they lost due to injury, so they can train effectively, play with their kids, and stay in good shape for a lifetime.

“Before, I was strong. I was in good shape. Once I retired, I wanted to have a functional, active life free of pain. I’ve seen many guys after they were done playing, barely in their 40s and 50s, having significant loss of mobility or just taking pain meds daily. I like to snowboard, wake surf and play pickup basketball, and would like to do that later in life. Personally, this is why I started Pacific Neuro Therapy,” says founder Jeron Mastrud, former Dolphins and Raiders Tight End.

PNT appeals to players and past players because they trust Jeron as someone who understands their situation, their world, and the problems they have experienced or are living with. He completely understands how players have multiple pain issues and injuries, often from head to toe. “It’s rare to come across someone in the NFL who hasn’t had a surgery, or at least an injury of some sort,” states Mastrud.

Players and former players who experience joint degeneration, arthritis, and other widespread issues often feel that their only option is joint replacement or living with their condition. Athletes do what they can to mask the pain while playing— cortisone injections, pain pills (ex. Percocet) , or getting a surgery. Ultimately, these measures don’t address the root cause of the pain. This gap between problem and long-term solution presented a unique opportunity for Jeron to meet the needs of his fellow players.

“We have worked with both current and former players. These guys wanted a solution and not just a Band-Aid. They wanted to be pain-free and enjoy their lives or be on the field doing what they love, not stuck in a training room,” continues Mastrud.

Instead of simply masking the pain or temporarily decreasing inflammation, Jeron’s company, Pacific Neuro Therapy, offers a solution in finding the root cause of the pain, addressing it, and helping players become pain-free with the innovative treatment offered.

About Pacific Neuro Therapy

Former NFL player and founder of Pacific Neuro Therapy Jeron Mastrud believes no one deserves to live in pain. It was during his time in professional football—playing tight end for the Dolphins and Raiders from 2010-2014—that Jeron first encountered the revolutionary treatment used at PNT while addressing his own injuries, and he experienced great success. Pacific Neuro Therapy offers a revolutionary solution to chronic pain and rehabilitation. Their professional staff provides focused attention and one-on-one experiences, understanding that every injury or chronic condition is unique to the patient. They work diligently to discover the source of the pain right away and create an informed plan for moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about Pacific Neuro Therapy and how the team at PNT can help with your specific issue, please make a no-obligation phone call or visit


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