Four California Mortgage Professionals Become Best Selling Authors with new co-authored book, The Mortgage Maze

Published on December 22, 2016

Prominence Publishing’s new book, "The Mortgage Maze: Navigating Your Way Through Real Estate Financing in Today's Economy" recently launched on Shortly after the launch, the book hit #1 on the best seller list out of all books in the Real Estate/Mortgage category.

Prominence Publishing has pledged 100% of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to Project Hope Alliance, which is working to end homelessness for children in Orange County.

Suzanne Doyle-Ingram, President of Prominence Publishing said, “This is an important book for us, featuring a select group of mortgage professionals that we feel are true educators and advocates for the success of home buyers in California, while at the same time committing to spread the word about a great organization like Project Hope Alliance.”

The Mortgage Maze spotlights each of the mortgage professionals in their own chapters, sharing their insights and real world experience. Doyle-Ingram said, “This book isn’t just about mortgages. The co-authors are passionate about helping home buyers.”

The co-authors of this book are an interesting group of highly qualified experts.

Thomas Yoon, located in Irvine CA, discusses alternative lending, otherwise known as Alt-A loans, in his chapter. He has been in the mortgage business for over 13 years and has won many awards and honors.

Melinna Rivera discusses how to qualify for a mortgage after bankruptcy in her chapter. In her career she is focused on helping people achieve their goal of becoming homeowners and she enjoys helping people who have undergone hardship have a new beginning. She is highly educated, and even wrote her thesis on the effects of undocumented student debt.

Sean McDowell discusses the duties and responsibilities of a loan officer in his chapter. He is a well respected leader in the industry and often coaches new loan officers to help them succeed.

In Jackie Cuneo’s chapter, she discusses how she helps people purchase or refinance properties. After working as a Realtor for several years, Jackie realized how critical mortgage financing was and transitioned to a successful career as a residential mortgage broker.

When speaking at the California Association of Mortgage Professionals’ (CAMP’s) annual meeting in Orange County last spring, Prominence Publishing’s President Suzanne Doyle-Ingram came up with the idea for the book after meeting some of the members of the group. CAMP members regularly donate to Project Hope Alliance so Doyle-Ingram decided then and there to donate all the retail royalties to the charity.

The Mortgage Maze: Navigating Your Way Through Real Estate Financing in Today’s Economy is available on at

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