FOX Business Features Joshua B Lee of Stand Out Authority

Published on August 29, 2014

Joshua B. Lee, co-founder of Stand Out Authority, was just featured in a story on FOX Business about how entrepreneurs succeed in business and with family.

Joshua B Lee, a standout authority leader, was just featured in a FOX Business story with tips on how entrepreneurs can navigate and have a healthy family life. Balancing business and family is tough.

With stats showing the divorce rate over 50%, family life is difficult for employees and business owners alike. The strains of owning a business combined with the stresses of family life make entrepreneurship an especially daunting career path.

Joshua B Lee has experienced a roller coaster of emotions and results in his businesses. He’s also experienced the ups and downs in his family life. These experiences have taught him a thing or two that he shares.

Lee says, “I have a wife and 2 kids. Most business owners don’t appreciate how large of an importance it is to keep life on the home front healthy. They pay it lip service but rarely devote the energy and attention to family that they do to their business. This is especially true with startups. But I’ve also seen it when I mentor established business owners.”

Without the balance Lee says, “The little things that nag your business can bleed over into your family life and vice versa. Even a little chunk of cancer cells gnawing away at your business can devastate your family also. True prosperity is a balance of business, health, and family friends being in harmony in your daily life.”

In the FOXBusiness article Lee emphasizes how a business owner’s spouse is critical to the success of the business. Having full disclosure and open lines of communication keeps the marriage healthy. Spouses often have valuable insights or advice that sparks a new profitable path for the business owner. The spouse or significant other is often the longest-term partner an entrepreneur has.

Lee talks about a mistake in strategy that took him off this path. Joshua recalls, “I was raised in an old-school way. I always wanted to be THE MAN. Any time business dipped I wanted to protect my wife. I felt like I had to be ‘Atlas Lee’ holding the entire weight of the sky on my shoulders to keep it from crashing down on my family. This hurt our relationship because my wife knew something was wrong. She hated being kept in the dark. Once I finally told her, the relief was incredible. Her love and support helped me to persevere and overcome those business obstacles. Our marriage got stronger.”

Lee finishes, “It’s difficult to get to that point with your spouse. Do it because it liberates. They now share the burden, share the joy, and share the passion. It helps balance your own life when those inevitable highs and lows come again.”

Each entrepreneur would be wise to pull from the experiences of others and apply those useful nuggets of wisdom that seem likely to work in their specific situation.

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