Optimizing Retirement Portfolios Is What Eldon Brown Does Best And His Clients Are Reaping The Rewards

Published on August 29, 2014

Eldon Brown of Brown Financial Group is coaching clients toward earlier retirement with his savvy investment strategies and his unique approach to world financial markets.

Eldon Brown of Brown Financial Group (www.browncoaching.com) has his eyes on the horizon, helping his clients retire with a substantial nest egg.

In business for twelve years, Brown, an investment coach, is adept at helping each client build a healthy retirement portfolio based on sound investment strategies and with a model of consistent growth.

When working with Brown and Brown Financial Group, clients can expect to have their retirement income optimized, have their assets protected, invest with better diversification, utilize Safe Money Options, and develop Peace of Mind Investing.

Brown says he is not interested in merely providing modest retirement portfolios for his clients. Rather, he wants to see his clients’ options optimized, allowing them to live better lives, worry less, and even, retire earlier than expected.

“I helped a couple – a  teacher and a salesman – retire at age sixty when they thought they would have to keep working until at least age sixty-five,” Brown says.

In fact, Brown says that taking money and investment worries off the table for his clients, is the most rewarding part of his work.

“I enjoy helping people do what they do best and enjoy their lives – all while I handle the money matters,” Brown says.

Understanding that markets are sometimes unpredictable and can be wildly variable, Brown Financial Group has the skills and expertise to keep a steady hand on the rudder, even through the worst financial storms. Offering his clients that peace of mind, Brown says, is just one of the many reasons his clients enlist Brown Financial Group.

“Peace of mind for people’s money is what we offer,” Brown says. “We work with people who would rather enjoy life than watch the stock market all day long.”

For more information about Eldon Brown or Brown Financial Group, visit www.browncoaching.com.


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