Glenys Reeves Featured In New Bestselling Book On Divorce

Published on October 9, 2016

Glenys Reeves, owner of Reeves Coaching and Consulting, tops multiple Amazon bestseller lists with her contribution to the newly launched book, “Divorce: Taking the High Road.”

The book includes insights from eleven top certified divorce coaches with the collective mission of providing simple strategies for creating a healthy divorce. “Divorce: Taking the High Road” gives actionable advice for all stages of divorce. From staying out of court, to effective communication and decision-making during the divorce process, to moving on after divorce. The insights shared throughout the book all have an underlying theme of maintaining one’s dignity throughout the divorce and beyond.

The book hit eight Amazon bestseller lists within the first week of its release. It ranked #1 in the “Divorce & Separation” category.

According to Renee Harrison, president of Moguly Media, who served as publisher and project manager for the book: “We are extremely fortunate to have the caliber of Divorce Coaches who gave their time to be interviewed for this project. Each and every one of them is a true advocate and educator. To have Amazon put this book at the top of their bestseller list in several divorce and family law categories is an incredible achievement and puts a spotlight on the appreciation and recognition they deserve.”

Co-author Glenys Reeves shares her motivation for becoming a contributor to this book project: “Divorce is a difficult life transition, and I believe that knowledge is an asset to assisting people to move forward through this time. Communication is key, thus having the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with others to help them navigate this transition motivated me to become part of this book project.”

In her chapter titled, “Effective Communication,” Reeves’ helps anyone who is experiencing conversations in which conflict is holding them back from moving forward. She states, “The reader will gain a better perspective on how communicating effectively can help them transition through their separation and divorce with their former partner.”

According to Glenys Reeves, “Being able to share my knowledge and experience with others in regards to ‘wins’ people have experienced by learning to communicate effectively, and knowing that this has added to the success of this book is humbling. I feel fortunate to be part of such a worthwhile project!”

Reeves believes in the power of coaching with the focus of her practice being on transitions in people’s personal and professional lives. She coaches individuals as well as teams to “reach their highest potential in their home, career and community roles.” In addition to coaching, Glenys facilitates and mentors others to develop effective strategies through times of change.

Reeves serves as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach(r) and mediator in Western Canada.
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