Kimberly Mishkin Featured In New Bestselling Book On Divorce

Published on October 9, 2016

Kimberly Mishkin, co-founder of SAS for Women(r), tops multiple Amazon bestseller lists with her contribution to the newly launched book, “Divorce: Taking the High Road.”

The book includes insights from eleven top certified divorce coaches with the collective mission of providing simple strategies for creating a healthy divorce. “Divorce: Taking the High Road” gives actionable advice for all stages of divorce. From staying out of court, to effective communication and decision-making during the divorce process, to moving on after divorce. The insights shared throughout the book all have an underlying theme of maintaining one’s dignity throughout the divorce and beyond.

The book hit eight Amazon bestseller lists within the first week of its release. It ranked #1 in the “Divorce & Separation” category.

According to Renee Harrison, president of Moguly Media, who served as publisher and project manager for the book: “We are extremely fortunate to have the caliber of Divorce Coaches who gave their time to be interviewed for this project. Each and every one of them is a true advocate and educator. To have Amazon put this book at the top of their bestseller lists in their divorce and family law categories is an incredible achievement and puts a spotlight on the appreciation and recognition they deserve.”

Co-author Kimberly Mishkin shares her motivation for becoming a contributor to this book project: “It’s all too easy to get caught up in the drama and emotional intensity of a divorce and to lose sight of what is really important and at stake. I wanted to help readers find clarity and a path to the healthiest divorce possible.”

Within her chapter titled, “Using Divorce as a Catalyst for a Better Life,” Mishkin focuses on helping educated women, career professionals, and stay-at-home mothers, in their mid-30’s to late-60’s. She states: “They seek smart counsel, effective strategies, and comprehensive support as they navigate divorce.”

After reading her chapter, Mishkin said: “Readers will begin to understand that divorce is not something you can or should try to go through alone. It takes a team of people. The reader will better understand the role of a divorce coach on that team and how he/she would help. Most importantly the reader will learn that divorce, while devastating, is also an opportunity to learn, grow and to create an even better life afterward.”

According to Kimberly Mishkin, “I truly believe that divorce, while incredibly difficult, is also an opportunity to learn, grow, and thoughtfully choose who you want to be in the next phase of your life. This book is sending such an important message: Divorce does not have to define you. You get to choose how you want to go on this journey and who you will be at the end of it. To be part of this bestselling book is a privilege and honor.”

SAS for Women(r) works with an international client base, including in-person appointments in New York City, as well as via telephone or Skype in additional time zones.

Mishkin is also co-author of another divorce book: “Onward and Upward, Guide for Getting Through New York Divorce & Family Law Issues.”

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