Greg W. Anderson, Author of The Selfish Divorce, Featured on Influencers Radio

Published on November 28, 2014

Greg W. Anderson, author of The Selfish Divorce, was the featured speaker on Influencers Radio show. He discusses the strategies and mindset he developed to turn his divorce into a positive experience and how others can do the same.

Greg W. Anderson, the author of The Selfish Divorce, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. He discusses the strategies and mindset he developed to turn his divorce into a positive experience and how others can do the same.

Anderson found himself going through a second divorce and having a rough time. The key difference this time was that he and his ex-wife had children and he worried about the negative impact on them.

Anderson is highly successful in the world of online software solutions, where he helps hundred million dollar companies run smoothly. He wondered why he could be so successful in business, but not in marriage.

According to Anderson, “As my second marriage started to go, I started asking myself the question like how the heck can I have everything in order on the business side of things, but I can’t seem to figure out how to manage my own life and manage my own marriage.

And I started to go back and forth between what makes me successful in business or successful athletes or successful parents. What are all those key strategies that people use? Why does it work over here and why in the heck am I not implementing it in the marriage side?

So over about a year’s period of time, I started looking very hard at rebuilding my own relationship. I wasn’t rebuilding a relationship as in I wanted to get back together with marriage. I had children that I wanted to be healthy and happy.”

He didn’t want to have the problems he saw others going through. He started taking all the processes that work in other areas of life and used them to rebuild and recover from his divorce. He developed the mindset that he could have a good relationship with his ex-wife and, eventually even with her new husband.

The end result is that his children, as well as he and his ex-wife, are experiencing positive, happy relationships, instead of stressful and angry interactions.

He discussed how he also learned how to reset and create boundaries as the relationships changed from being a couple to being single. It’s a mistake if these boundaries are not reset and this can prevent healing from taking place.

This process takes time and also takes developing a change in mindset. Anderson had written a book, The Selfish Divorce, where he discusses the processes he’s gone through and the positive results which came about as a result. He now helps others experience a positive divorce experience, as well. Anderson has figured out how to be as successful in his personal life as he is in business.

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