Lane Cobb Helps Women Help Themselves To The Lives They Deserve

Published on November 29, 2014

Helping women succeed, life coach Lane Cobb provides new insight and assists women in discovering their dreams.

Life Coach Lane Cobb helps lead women to better living through her business, Enlightened Empowered Living With Lane Cobb ( Cobb’s goal is to help women live beyond the past experiences that are dragging them down and find their individual missions in life.

“I help women discover and appreciate who they really are and what they really want in life, so they can reclaim their power over the past and live lives that are joyful, enthusiastic, and authentically aligned with their divine purpose,” Cobb says.

Working with Cobb, clients can expect to: find clarity who who they are as spiritual beings, discover their purpose in life, focus on what they want to accomplish, heal past wounds, enjoy an elevated sense of personal power, increase self esteem, and become powerful enough to both pursue and realize their goals in life.

“My clients experience a greater sense of well-being – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – and an increased capacity for love, joy, and enthusiasm for life,” Cobb says.

In just the past two years, Cobb has written and published three books aimed at helping women from the teen years through adulthood the focus on developing self esteem, self-empowerment, purposeful living, and revealing their true value as women.

In addition to writing her own books, Cobb has also led writing programs that have helped other women tell their own stories.

“I created and launched my signature Write For Power Program, where I led 25 women in healing their past, writing their story, and preparing them to publish their work,” Cobb says.

While most of Cobb’s clients are professionally and personally successful, she finds that the vast majority expend their energy on other people, saving very little – if any – for themselves. One such client, Mona, had a successful career and multiple degrees under her belt, but was perpetually exhausted, felt constantly overwhelmed, and was unhappy with her life even after all of her achievements.

“When we began working together, it was clear to me that Mona was extremely committed to making a difference by being of service, but as much as she did for others, she did very little for herself in the way of nurturing and self-care,” Cobb says. “Unconditional love and acceptance was something that she felt for her family, friends, and clients, but not at all for herself.”

In enlisting Cobb’s services, Mona was able to get to the root of what was holding her back and work to change her limiting patterns and behavior.

“Through coaching, Mona uncovered some issues and experiences from her past that she had buried, and was able to see how those experiences had shaped her opinion of herself and kept her from accepting herself and enjoying her life and all it had to offer,” Cobb says.

After working with Cobb, her client began to shift her focus in life to include time for taking care of herself. In doing so, she was able to more fully enjoy and participate in her own life.

Through helping women connect with themselves, Cobb’s coaching allows her clients to assume more authority and personal power at work and at home.

“When women step into their power to live the life they deeply desire, they are enlightened and empowered to do so with a greater commitment,” Cobb says. “They stop looking to other people for validation and accomplish more faster.”

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