Hanna Hermanson, Founder of Dream Life Is Real Life, Shares Insights in Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio Network About How To Monetize Your Passions

Published on May 8, 2018

Personal coach and author Hanna Hermanson recently shared valuable insights about how she helps entrepreneurs translate their talents and interest into profitable and rewarding business ventures. In this powerful new interview on Business Innovators Radio, shows how those passions can be monetized, how to build your personal brand, and the importance of networking.

Hermanson is the founder of Dream Life is Real Life, which has supported 1,000s of individuals in creating actionable, simple business models that deliver financial results and personal fulfillment. A member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Hermanson helps clients establish the right mindset and perspective for entrepreneurial success.

A former academic advisor and yoga teacher, Hermanson decided several years ago to forge her own path. “I quickly realized that in order to dream big you need to take care of that basic need — that root chakra — income,” she said.

That led to Dream Life is Real Life. She assists service-based entrepreneurs, teachers, mentors and other clients to create simple business plans that can quickly replace salary or income while also doing purposeful work and earning great money. Her clients are able to achieve, in a short time, the financial security, or as she says, “bringing abundance into the world,” and also achieving other personal goals, such as starting nonprofits or writing books.

Hermanson realizes that not all entrepreneurial dreams are easily monetized. That’s why she works with clients to explore a range of talents and skills that are in demand. She develops a “price list offer” with her clients that can quickly be deployed to meet needs.

“I work with people to niche out their passions and the skills and talents that they can create a price list offer around,” she said “This is how we create the dream life. We build a life and then we build a business that can support it.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Hermanson also discusses the importance of coaching to help entrepreneurs with the self-discovery they need to remain successful and crate a legacy She also discussed the importance of leveraging one’s professional network and using influencer marketing to help broaden one’s brand.

Learn more about Dream Life is Real Life at www.dreamlifeisreallife.com

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