Harvard Neuroscientist Reveals Revolutionary Confidential System for Burned Out Physicians

Published on July 20, 2015

Harvard neuroscientist, Mani Saint-Victor, MD, announced the public release of Break the Cage MD, a groundbreaking multimedia initiative created for physicians, giving them powerful methods and tools to combat physician stress and burnout.

ATLANTA, GA (July 17th, 2015)- Mani Saint-Victor, MD, Creator of Break The Cage, MD, announced the July 15, 2015 public release of the groundbreaking multimedia initiative Break The Cage, MD – The Physicians’ Guide To Mind and Lifestyle Hacking.

“This initiative will put in the hands of stressed doctors powerful methods and tools to combat workplace stress and the burnout that affects them, their patients, and the people who love them,“ said Dr. Mani Saint-Victor, the author and creator of the system.

“The devastating consequences of this condition, the circumstances that cause it, and their widespread and undiagnosed occurrence require bold action and new thinking in our approach, especially with the career-damaging stigma and loss in physician productivity associated with this condition.” Dr. Saint-

Victor also noted, “We’re seeing a rise in physicians leaving clinical medicine, substance abuse, and even suicide but the real cause and the most effective treatments are often inaccessible to physicians for fear of loss of reputation and career-damaging mental-health diagnoses.”

Break The Cage, MD is a multimedia initiative consisting of a new book, a library of videos, confidential one-on-one coaching combined with a speaking tour that will stimulate conversation, drive action, and provide a new platform for discussion, support-network building, and de-stigmatization of this problem.

This new initiative significantly increases the offerings and compliments other powerful programs developed by Dr. Saint-Victor in his decades-long quest for personal mastery, unleashing purposeful creativity and coaching motivated doctors to creating fulfilling lifestyles and reaching extraordinary levels of achievement.

Developed from a personal, 25-year battle with and final victory over burnout and depression, decades of coaching and training experience, client feedback, and research, this new initiative provides innovative ways to understand and master the effects of the stressors and burnout in the lives of those in the healing professions, allowing them to be productive and rediscover their passion while releasing their full gifts and talents.

Dr. Saint-Victor will be integrating this program with his extremely successful Break The Cage, MD – Personal 90-day reinvention program which has helped hundreds of people make astounding shifts in their lives and create new and powerful habits of success, redesigning their lifestyles to be in integrity with their purpose and passion while reclaiming their personal relationships and optimal health. 

These programs are available on-line, in person and in both individual and small group settings. Modern video conferencing technology means that geographic location is no limitation to participating in these perspective-altering intensive experiences from anywhere in the world.

Dr. Saint-Victor, a graduate of Harvard University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, is a pioneer in the creation and delivery of innovative and powerful programs for personal transformation.  He has appeared on various networks, created multiple programs and helped thousands of people over the years with his in-your-face, no-holds-barred style. To find out more, please visit www.breakthecagemd.com.

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