Ofir Beigel Tops Amazon.com Best-Seller Lists with New Book

Published on July 22, 2015

Ofir Beigel, Bitcoin expert and general manager of 99bitcoins.com, tops 2 Amazon.com best-seller lists with his new book My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets. This book serves as a primer for people new to Bitcoin.

Ofir Beigel, author of My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets: How I made $121,787 by risking only 80 bucks and not investing a dime in Bitcoin, has achieved “best-seller” status on several Amazon.com charts.

My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets topped two different best-seller lists on Amazon.com. The e-book ranked #1 in the Kindle departments of “Money & Monetary Policy” and “Digital Currencies,” as well as the #2 ranking in the overall “Money & Monetary Policy” department.

Beigel is the general manager of 99bitcoins.com, a website with the mission of educating people about Bitcoin.

“I started 99Bitcoins because I believe Bitcoin is the future of money,” says Beigel.  “I find it mind-blowing that the most amazing piece of technology since the Internet has arrived and it’s not being used enough because it’s too difficult to understand.”

99bitcoins.com helps readers understand Bitcoin without having to become an expert in its technology.  Having studied the digital currency, Beigel makes Bitcoin easy-to-understand for your average consumer.

He explains, “Just like the Internet took almost 10 years to reach a significant amount of adoption, so will Bitcoin probably. My job is to help people hop on board as easily as possible.”

Topics of discussion in My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets include the “The Bitcoin Ecosystem,” “A Land of Endless Opportunities,” and “Marketing Your Bitcoin Business Like a Pro.”

For more information about Ofir Beigel and Bitcoin, visit www.99bitcoins.com.

To purchase My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secretsvisit www.amazon.com/dp/B00JS72TVO.

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