Heather Furby Helps Entrepreneurs Banish The Box

Heather Furby Helps Entrepreneurs Banish The Box

Heather Furby of Creative Age Leadership doesn’t believe in just thinking outside the box. On Influencers Radio, she explained how businesses can banish the box and explode their productivity.

Heather Furby, a business strategist and innovator who helps businesses do more than just think outside the box, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize. To explode productivity and reach unbelievable levels of success, Furby maintains that businesses must completely demolish the box and think in entirely new ways.

As the founder and leader of Creative Age Leadership in Petaluma, CA, Furby was shocked at the results of a Gallup poll which found that only 30% of employees feel engaged at work. Her company helps businesses increase their chances for success by becoming curious, connected, and confident.

Furby said the first step in achieving unbelievable success is closing the skills gap and bridging the generation gap. Younger workers are curious, engaged, and want to feel they are contributing to a larger outcome, not just being clerks or pencil pushers. She feels the bar has been set too low, and advises business owners and managers to focus on their employees’ individual abilities and strengths, so that they can try to bring out the best in each individual.

When she was consulting with businesses in Silicon Valley, Furby saw that those entrepreneurs became successful because they had an “I can do anything” attitude. “More traditional corporations seem to focus on what employees do wrong. They tend to focus on measuring productivity instead of motivating results. There is no pliability or willingness to change the circumstances. But when you adapt around that, then some remarkable miracles happen.”

The second cornerstone of Furby’s philosophy is being connected and mastering remote management as a key to increasing productivity. Many managers still think they have to keep a watchful eye on employees so that they will stick to the assigned tasks at hand. They believe those who are working from remote locations are more likely to be less productive because they are not supervised, when in fact the opposite may be true.

“When people want to be productive, they often try to get away from the work environment because there are so many uncontrolled interruptions,” Furby said. “If they are working from a remote location, they might have voluntary distractions but they are still motivated to complete the project within a specific timeframe. Does it really matter if someone gets their kids off the school bus, as long as the quality of the work is still high and the customer is still satisfied?”

Furby also believes that it is important to be confident because a great team is a symptom of great leaders and a great organization. Leaders have to trust in themselves, their team, and their ability to banish the box of limited thinking, she concluded.

To listen to the entire interview, visit http://influencersradio.com/heather-furby-increasing-employee-productivity-with-leadership-for-the-creative-age/

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