Turnaround Expert Lynne Jacob Helps Ease the Growing Pains of Success for Businesses

Turnaround Expert Lynne Jacob Helps Ease the Growing Pains of Success for Businesses

Lynne Jacob, founder of Trade Contractors Business College and MLJ International, was featured on Influencers Radio where she discusses the strategies she uses to help businesses get past the struggles to break through to greater success.

The founder of the Trade Contractors Business College and MLJ International, business coach Lynne Jacob was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize, discussing the strategies she uses to help business owners break through the struggles they have when they reach a certain level of success.

These struggles often keep business owners from reaching toward greater success and may actually, at times, have them revert to the simpler, less successful business model they had when they first started. These business owners reach a certain level and get stuck with problems and they’re not sure what to do next.

Jacob shares, “I’ve been finding that in the beginning years of a business, the biggest challenge is money. And then it gets to a point where they have the work coming in, but now the biggest problem isn’t money anymore. It’s become time. But they’re still working from the same thought patterns or paradigms as they did when they first started the business.

So about the five year mark, they’re telling me that it’s not as much fun as it used to be. Well, no, because now they’ve got more business, which is great. They’ve got more money. But now they don’t have enough time. So it’s cutting into their family time and their personal life and it’s just become all about the business.”

Jacob has found that this is the time when a business owner needs to learn to hire the right people and delegate some of the work they used to do themselves. As a business grows, it’s just not possible for a business owner to continue to handle everything themselves and they fail to realize that this is what is halting the growth potential which their company has.

Jacob skillfully guides business owners through this murky, troubling time and helps them strategize the steps they need to take to have the business success they want, but, more importantly, to have the personal lifestyle they want as a business owner.

Hiring the right people to take over some of the business tasks can be a daunting task if business owners don’t know what to look for in a candidate. According to Jacob, “When hiring people, hire for attitude. Everything else, you can train. They have to have a certain level of aptitude, the ability to learn, but everything else, you can train them on. But if their attitude sucks, well, you’re not going to change that. They can. But you’re not going to insist that they change that and succeed. So hire for attitude.”

Success is often thought of as the path to a lifestyle with more time for family and fewer money worries. Jacob is a master at helping others achieve that with their businesses.

You can hear the full interview at: http://influencersradio.com/lynne-jacob-recognizing-the-symptoms-of-success-facing-growing-businesses/

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