Image Consultant Milena Joy Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Published on April 27, 2015

“Making Your Statement With Image Consulting” by Image Consultant, Milena Joy hits top three spots in three categories of Best Sellers List.

Image Consultant and Business Mentor, Milena Joy, hit three Amazon Best Seller lists on April 23, 2015 for her news release “Milena Joy: Making Your Statement With Image Consulting”. The book ranked No. 1 in ‘Business & Money’, No. 2 in ‘Mentoring & Coaching’ and No. 3 in the ‘Women & Business‘ categories.

Joy is a professional image consultant and former TV host who for years has been helping others to not only look good but to dress for success.

According to Joy, “A big part of what image consultants do is shopping and putting together complete outfits for our clients. But it’s actually so much more than that. Through my experience, I’ve found that you’re not only helping people have that wardrobe they love, but you’re also working on the psychological part of it. Things such as, building their confidence or helping them advance their career. Working with top level CEOs who are concerned about how they present themselves in business. It’s an investment in their future when it comes to business.”

In the book “Milena Joy: Making Your Statement With Image Consulting”, Joy shares how her strategies are helping both aspiring and experienced image consultants take their passion and hobby to become Statement Makers.  She does this by teaching them not just how to do the business, but most importantly, how to build the business as well. 

Joy states, “I’ve created an online training program so that people can replicate exactly what I’ve done. I teach them the technical side of how do you actually do a style assessment or how do you actually shop for people.

“What has been the big game changer for me is the business side of it. I teach you where to find clients and how to market yourself. You’ll learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition. I teach you how to package and price your services, as well as how to get repeat clients and make it into something that’s profitable.

“So that ultimately you can pay your bills and mortgage and everything else, and have that life where you can still go on vacation and enjoy it. So you’re not just shopping for clients, but you’re also shopping to buy things that you love, to have the life that you love.”

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