Important New Initiative For Licensed Healthcare Professionals To Be A Part Of

Media Authority Marketing, a division of Local Online Visibility, under the direction of Founder Lisa Williams has just announced another of their innovative marketing initiatives. This latest plan was created especially for licensed healthcare professionals with a local practice who want to stand out from their competition and make a difference in the community.

Under the new initiative, Williams and her team will offer a complementary public relations package to those healthcare providers who join Media Authority Marketing in purchasing a sponsorship package to help a local school receive a mobile app.

Traditional sponsorship’s of the past have proven to be less financially beneficial for local business, but this technology based community app sponsorship creates value for businesses. The healthcare professional who takes advantage of the initiative will receive a very valuable media package. This package includes an interview with the licensed professional, a professionally written article that will be syndicated to many affiliate outlets of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox about the practice, that also highlights the decision to help a local school, a social media campaign and a press release sent to local media.

There are several benefits to a local practice to join in with this community sponsorship. There are different levels of sponsorship. One level allows healthcare professionals to market directly to parents through the schools mobile app by sending specials and information about their products and services. As part of that sponsorship, push messages will be sent by the school directly from the app on a monthly basis keeping the sponsoring practice in front of parents and developing long term new patients in the process. The healthcare provider’s logo and website link will be prominently displayed on the mobile app that parents, faculty and other community members download and those individuals will see the health care provider’s logo on a regular basis. There are several sponsorship levels available.

Simon Duffy, Principal of a grade school said this about having a mobile app, “We found local partners who were willing to sponsor our app year round because it was cost effective for them and they were able to get their product in front of their target market much more effectively.”

Williams is reaching out to any healthcare provider, but she is sending the message out that this initiative is especially valuable to dentists and chiropractors. The reason for that is simple. As she explains, “Chiropractors and Dentist are especially great partners because parents, faculty and students are their direct market and in these families need their services all the time.”

A mobile app is very useful to a school of any grade level, because it helps bridge the communication between parents, students and faculty and they can send unlimited push messages which is a great way to engage parents. Many schools don’t have a budget to purchase a mobile app, so by a local practice footing the bill it becomes a win win for both the school and the practice because the practice receives not only an opportunity to market to a new group of targeted prospects, but will also receive a free publicity package for their goodwill offering.

This opportunity is limited.

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