Top Fashion Blogger for Black Women, Tanya Major Featured As A Small Business Trendsetter

Tanya Major believes any woman can dress fashionably, even if they are on a budget. That’s the message she brings to African-American women between 18 and 45 through her blog “Major Must Haves.” Recently, Tanya‘s blog and her fashion philosophy were featured on the “Small Business Trendsetters” website. By being featured on this high authority site, Tanya‘s influence and ability to reach her core audience was recognized.

The article focuses on the “Major Must Haves” blog and her ability to help women see their clothes from a different perspective. Tanya has the uncanny ability to help those who have a closet full of clothes but feel as though they have nothing to wear. That’s what her blog focuses on and countless readers have been able to use their existing clothes to create new and unique styles. As Major explains, “Sometimes people go through my blog and end up having the same items. It may not be the exact same color but a same or similar item will help them get ideas about how to put outfits together.”

“Small Business Trendsetters” chose Tanya Major to highlight for two main reasons. First, she has taken blogging to a new level and for her the blog is not just a fun way of sharing information, but a passion that she has always had. The writer of the article delved into just what it takes to put such a powerful blog together and discovered that Tanya spends a great deal of time studying the latest fashion trends and making sure the information on her blog and her advice are as current as possible.

The second reason Tanya Major was chosen as a business trendsetter is because of the entrepreneurial nature of her blog. Rather than just write and give advice, she is sponsored by many top retailers such as Gap, Old Navy, Barney’s, Sax Fifth Avenue and Victoria’s Secret, and many more. Her many connections in the fashion and retail industries often work to the advantage of her readers as she may offer promos and discounts.

“I’m very flattered, yet humbled that my article got picked up by so many media outlets,” Tanya replied when she heard of the news, It made my day.”

Major was also recently featured in a CNN publication.

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