In Home Business, Mentoring Women with The 5 Senses, Has Gone Global.

Published on July 15, 2019

What began as an in-home business, mentoring women with music, massage and aromatherapy, has gone global.

Joy Coaching America is now Joy Coaching America-Worldwide and Joy Coaching Academy.
Joy Coaching America was founded by Karyn Lynn Grant LMT, Singer, Songwriter, Best Selling Author, Speaker. As a single mother, she began an in-home massage practice utilizing her own original lullabies, songs and musical meditations to mentor and help those with broken hearts.

The importance of “the one” was and still remains Grant’s focus of mending one broken heart at a time, regardless of the rapid growth of Joy Coaching America over the last year and especially over these last several months.

Grant never dreamed that her work would expand into an entire “Joy Coaching System” that would eventually go national and now worldwide. Grant stated: “It wasn’t that my dream was not all-inclusive, but my focus was on mending one broken heart at a time. Soon, the idea began to spread and evolve. Now, other like-minded women, are entering Joy Coaching Academy to become Certified Joy Coaches. What started as nurturing to “the one” has become ministering to “the many,” with unified gifts of nurturing, compassion, empathy and kindness, hence Joy Coaching Worldwide.”

Women in other states across the nation began requesting the Joy Coaching Method outlined in several of Grant’s modules and online courses. This created a pathway for women in other parts of America to be able to access the information for their own hearts, homes, families, communities and beyond, thus “Joy Coaching Academy” was created. This system educates those who are interested in comforting the weary and sad at heart through deep meditative relaxation therapy administered via the five senses. Now, nearly twenty years later…that vision is spreading from America to Australia and beyond!

Grant said: “As I see women’s hearts being touched and their abilities to nurture not only their own families, but who are now reaching out to minister to their own children, spouses, extended families, friends, neighborhoods and communities, I feel a sense of deep gratitude. My desire as a young girl, following a deeply spiritual experience, led me to want to bless and comfort those who are struggling to find a sense of peace, love and joy in this world. It makes sense to me now, as I look back upon my life’s journey, that this work would be greatly needed around the world. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of feeling loved, nurtured and valued as an important “one” in the grand scheme of things. “

Grant’s hope for the future is that others with kindred hearts will join in this mission, cause and purpose of ministering to the wounded in spirit and broken in heart — giving mankind as a whole, a reason and an impetus to live and love again!

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