Life Coach & Speaker Shirin Ariff Hits International Amazon Best Seller Lists with “The Second Wife”.

Published on July 15, 2019

“The Second Wife” by Shirin Ariff, reached Number 1 on’s Best Seller List in the Divorce & Separation on July 12th, 2019.

Life Coach & Speaker Shirin Ariff’s recent release, The Second Wife: Seduced into Slavery, hit’s best seller list on July 12th, 2019, climbing all the way to Number 1 in the Divorce & Separation.

In The Second Wife, author Shirin Ariff reveals her heart-wrenchingly beautiful memoir. Life handed her hardships in the form of illness, abuse, and betrayal. Throughout the struggles, Shirin cultivated her magic power: resilience. Growing up in a prestigious Indian family, Shirin enjoyed a picturesque childhood. When she grew up, she was expected to marry well, have children and please her husband till, death does them apart. Her first marriage cut that timeline short. Divorce was not approved of in the Indian culture; Shirin knew she needed to remarry.

Her knight in shining armor arrived, but he was hiding a tarnished inner layer. Sahir was a South Asian Indian living in Canada and he won Shirin’s heart. Shirin and her daughter Sabah, got on a plane that would take her to a treacherous next chapter of her life.

What happens to them in Canada?

This book is a real page-turner. It will make you cry and rejoice. You will be left forever transformed.

In response to the book hitting Number 1, Ariff stated, “It took a lot of courage to write this book, I am happy that I did. I can’t believe it.”

With the recent news around Narcissism, Abuse and Divorce in the media, The Second Wife subject matter is a hot topic and a must read for Women in South Asian Communities.


Shirin is an award winning author, an inspirational speaker and a women’s empowerment coach committed to helping women find their inner strength. After braving immigration to Canada and surviving cancer, Shirin understands adversity. Despite the lemons that life handed her, she dug deep and found resilience. Today, she empowers other women to become their own North Stars.

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