In Response To Sherpa Coachings 2013 Annual Earnings Report Stating Life Coaching Income Was Down From 2012, Online Marketing Expert Tony Teegarden Launches New System To Increase Coaching Incomes

Tony Teegarden, founder of Tony Teegarden Media Inc., discovered via the Sherpa Coaching 2013 Annual Earnings Report that the average life coach only earned $49,890.00 the entire year, while servicing as many as 7.7 clients per week, 52 weeks out of the year.

“I know for a fact after years of working with coaches from all over the world that certified life coaches are amazing facilitators of transformation BUT they’re isolated, overwhelmed, over worked and seriously underpaid for the transformations they facilitate in peoples lives,” Tony states.

“I bring together highly connected and highly innovative coaches from around the world focused on creating massive value for their clients, simplifying their businesses and substantially increasing profits. All through integrating what’s known as the E.P.C formula. The formula is powerful on it’s own but even more explosive when shared in a group.”

World renowned consultant and bestselling author, Jay Abraham, echoes Tony’s philosophy, “No one ever succeeds without the help of others.”

Jay elaborated, “The difference between merely getting by and making a large fortune in business is totally dependent upon a few key mastermind marketing strategies and actions that you use that your competitors don’t recognize or act on.”

Tony, through his own trial and error, developed what’s known as the the E.P.C. Formula for life and wellness coaches to identify exactly who they’re crafting their highly valuable offer for, how to effectively articulate that offer so it’s extremely attractive to only that person and a unique communication delivery that filters out less than desirable prospects.

The EPC system virtually eliminates coaches need to go through endless hours of networking or trying to give away free sample coaching sessions to people who just simply aren’t their ideal prospect. The system helps life coaches to attract ideal and targeted prospects while having conversations where they’re able to charge much more appropriate pricing. Many times as much as 10 or 20 times more than they were charging previously.

Through a private online group and 3 live events per year, Tony brings together coaches who have mastered this process to collaborate, support and learn the newest cutting edge strategies like E.P.C. to stay highly relevant and authoritative in their market.

The E.P.C. System isn’t just theory, as Tony has been using this model not only in his own business both online and offline, but has successfully taught it to others for years.

“I’m an expert at what I do, but I had no idea what that was worth or how to attract my ideal clients. I was frustrated and about to give up on my practice when the universe put Tony in my path. He guided me through a complete transformation and now I can’t wait to wake up each day and serve,” said Tammy Steele – founder of Fully Present Women

“My biggest problem before meeting Tony was getting my message out, and letting people know I had something of value that would transform their lives. Tony helped me create that bridge to reach the people I wanted to work with. I went from an undefined general picture to specifically seeing in my mind first who I wanted to serve and a game plan of how I would do it,” said Bre Wolfe – founder and creator of Midlife Crisis Women

Life coaches, wellness coaches and holistic coaches who are ready to transform their coaching into a highly profitable and leveraged business model can reach out to Tony Teegarden and request a complimentary profit call at his website