Online Media Strategist Donna Gunter Reaches Number One on Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Biz Smart Publishing congratulates Donna Gunter, best-selling author featured in the new book, Biz Smart Quick Guide: 10 Strategies to Online Visibility for More Traffic, Clicks and Profit, which reached number one on the Amazon Best Seller Lists in the Computers/Technology Web Marketing, Business and Investing Direct Marketing and Business and Investing/Web Marketing categories.

In this triple best-selling book, Donna Gunter, Online Media Marketing Expert, discusses the number one way to dominate any niche by using one’s expertise and knowledge and syndicating that content to various online portals frequented by particular target markets.

“Sharing what you know, or education-based marketing, is the best kind of marketing,” Gunter notes. “It’s not salesy or pushy, yet enables your target market to like, know and trust you so that you become the noted authority in your field,  In doing this, you become top-of-mind when your target market needs an expert in that arena.”

Gunter adds, “The best way to be found online is to ensure your information gets to the places where your target market hangs out online.  These places might include slide-sharing sites, YouTube, iTunes, or any number of ‘how-to’ portals. Your target market needs your expertise.  As the expert, you need to ensure that they can find you.”

Gunter has been helping people all over the world create, launch, market and grow online businesses. After launching her first business from her rural, East Texas hometown in 1999 using only connections made online and Internet marketing strategies that she tweaked to fit her introvert personality, she has grown it into a multi-business enterprise.

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