In Response To The Dangers Of Chemical Household Cleaners Atlanta Eco Cleaners Announces Safe New Non-Toxic Cleaning System

Published on February 17, 2014

Atlanta, GA, USA – February 15th 2014 – Atlanta Eco Cleaners are launching their new healthy cleaning system for their house cleaning customers by combining quality non-toxic products with superior equipment and bacterial removal process.

“There are so many people who suffer from allergies, breathing conditions and skin irritations which can all be linked to household chemical cleaning products, so more customers want and ask for non-toxic cleaning,” said Atlanta Eco Cleaners owner Amanda Howe. “We have always used non-toxic cleaning products, but we wanted to take it a step further with our new cleaning system,” said co-owner Neil Howe. “There have been many new advances in house cleaning practices and equipment. Microfiber cloths have been proven to remove bacteria, dirt and germs better than the leading chemical cleaning products using just water.”

The new system revolves around using brand name cleaning tools such as E-cloth microfiber cloths and mops, Shark Rotator “Complete Seal” vacuums, and Better Life all natural and non-toxic cleaning solution.

Shark Rotator is the most recommended vacuum in America and E-cloth has won numerous awards as best cloth by Real Simple magazine, while Better Life cleaning products were recently featured on popular TV show Shark Tank.

In fact, ABC’s Shark Tank investor Lori Greneir said, “I have an innate instinct for knowing what is going to work,” and invested heavily in Better Life natural cleaning products.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners offer a new standard in house cleaning. Most house cleaning companies don’t have the tools to actually remove the dirt, bacteria and dust from the home and end up spreading bacteria with dirty cloths and releasing a lot of dust back into the air through leaky vacuums.  E-cloth microfiber cloths trap the bacteria at the microscopic level and don’t release it back onto other surfaces, while the Shark Rotator “complete seal” technology vacuums mean no dust escapes and settles back onto surfaces, reducing dust and allergy problems.

The new cleaning system was introduced to Atlanta Eco Cleaners long time customers and has been well received.

“I have had Atlanta Eco Cleaners clean my home for over 6 months now. They do an excellent job and I love the high end natural products they use. Amanda is very easy to work with when I need to reschedule and their staff are very friendly,” said Atlanta home owner Alex Costner.

Busy business professional Rosa Gonzalez said, “I’d been falling behind on everything at home due to lack of time and it was just so relieving to arrive to a clean home after a rough and exhausting week. I’m always so pleasantly surprised (and excited) when I come home after you’ve done the cleaning work. It was extra crazy this week so I just wanted to express my gratitude with this review 🙂 The fact that you use natural products is such a nice perk. I don’t come home to any unnatural chemical smells.”

Atlanta residents can find out more about Atlanta Eco Cleaners house cleaning services by visiting their company website at or visiting their Facebook page at

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