Weight Loss Expert Karson Kraybill Announces Plans To Release Yoga Body Newsletter In Coming Weeks To Combat Unhealthy Weight Loss Programs.

Published on February 17, 2014

With weight loss at the forefront of most people’s minds after a holiday season of generous excess, weight loss expert Karson Kraybill has announced he will be releasing the Yoga Body Newsletter.

The newsletter will focus on providing uncommon healthy weight loss advice centered around yoga, lifestyle and diet.

“Many of the diets and workout programs you find today are unhealthy and starve your body of essential nutrients,” said Kraybill. “The Yoga Body Newsletter is designed to help people lose weight by providing unconventional but healthier alternatives. Most people seek instant weight loss via crash dieting or unhealthy exercise regimens. However, when healthy, the body is designed to lose weight fast.”

The Yoga Body Newsletter will be publishing monthly content in a newsletter format designed to help individuals lose weight in a natural, healthy manner that yields long term results. The healthy advice given throughout The Yoga Body Newsletter is not just theory. Everything is strongly supported with experience, results and even medical research.

Those interested in what the Yoga Body has to offer can get updates on the coming release date through the Yoga Body official Facebook fanpage, https://www.facebook.com/yogabodynews

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