Interview with Life Coach Amy Bloustine Reveals Importance of Time Management and Setting Goals

Published on May 18, 2016

Certified Life and Career Coach Amy Bloustine tells Business Innovators Magazine how she helps people improve their careers and daily lives in recent interview.

Amy Bloustine found that seeking help for herself was the first step toward her successful career helping others. While going through the process, she discovered that what she wanted more than anything was to be able to teach others the same things she was learning about herself. Now she is Amy Bloustine, ACC, M.Ed., Certified Life and Career Coach and Trained Recovery Coach, based in New York City with a thriving national and international practice.

She offers three different types of coaching to help men and women overcome obstacles, reach their goals and be happier:

  • Life Coaching, working with clients to identify and reach personal goals, form better relationships, overcome obstacles, and learn better time management skills.
  • Career Coaching, outlining and executing a plan for those searching for a new job, switching careers completely, or transitioning in the workplace to something different.
  • Substance Abuse Coaching, using her extensive experience in the substance abuse field to help clients who are facing issues with drugs and alcohol, who are concerned about an addicted friend or family member or those searching for recovery help from substance abuse.

Amy Bloustine told Business Innovators Magazine, “I think the most common problem I see among the majority of my clients is time management and trying to get their lives organized. This happens with my life coaching clients and my career coaching clients and it can be paralyzing”.

She also emphasized, “Setting goals is an essential practice for living a happy and fulfilling life. Goals provide you with purpose, direction, structure, and motivation”.

This life and career-oriented practice is focused on building safe, trusting client relationships and establishing a comfortable, productive patient environment.

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