Isabelle Giroday’s PR Firm Giroday International to launch new division supporting causes and non-profit

Published on February 28, 2018

Global PR firm Giroday international recently launched a new division to support organizations needing visibility and credibility for their cause to attract both sponsors and donors in a growingly competitive market.

Founder of global PR firm Giroday international, Isabelle Giroday, is opening a new division focusing on supporting causes. The growing charity and non-profit market calls for committed visibility and PR to establish credibility and attract donors and sponsors.

“Causes need a laser-sharp message and a specific PR focus on establishing credibility and reputation. On one hand, non-profits serve people with a real need for help, and on the other theses organizations are dependent on funding, all authority-building PR efforts must, therefore, be well targeted.” Giroday explains.

Giroday realized this upon promoting her own cause, XO Kids™, aimed at raising global awareness of children that are “different” (Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Sensitive).
She points out that the need for a congruent PR strategy, including marketing and communication aspects is crucial to ensure success.

Online magazine Forbes recently mentioned the importance of influencer marketing to rally advocates of nonprofit organizations to endorse what the organizations are doing.

With 1,571,056 nonprofit organizations registered in the United States alone, the competition for donors and sponsors is tough. While for most of these organizations, top communication goals include general brand awareness, insufficient knowledge about PR often hurts their efforts, making acquiring new donors and engaging their community difficult.

According to Charity Navigator, charitable giving continued its upward trend in 2016, as an estimated $390 billion was given to charitable causes.

From clarity of message to media exposure and publishing, there are many ways nonprofit organizations can leverage PR publicity and marketing efforts in addition to fundraising, whether it’s raising awareness about their mission, sharing a story, or promoting a community event.

“We look at the whole picture and craft a compelling strategy with outcomes specific to each client, taking into account sponsors, donors and tribe building needs,” Giroday points out.

Giroday International helps coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs get known and makes sure they don’t ruin their reputation by showing up un-prepared.

Giroday positions them as leaders in their field using innovative media exposure strategies to boost both visibility and credibility. Giroday has helped small and large international companies build credibility and long-lasting brand equity for over 20 years.

Her comprehensive Media Training gets her clients from dreading being visible to feeling completely confident, sounding and looking professional.

Giroday also helps her clients build a positive and durable reputation through Best-Seller authoring positioning them as influencers and leaders.

Consistent top-level media exposure further gives her clients a game-changing edge over competition while enhancing trustworthiness in the eyes of potential clients and increasing brand-equity.

A long-time journalist, Giroday regularly contributes to various renowned media such as the Huffington Post and Small Business Trendsetters. She is also talk show host at Business Innovators Radio.

An international Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Publisher, Giroday is the founder of the XO Kids™ project, raising awareness for children on the autistic spectrum, ADHD and highly sensitive.

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