Jay London, The College Advice Guy, Is Easing The College Admissions Process One Student At A Time

Jay London, The College Advice Guy, Is Easing The College Admissions Process One Student At A Time

The College Advice Guy, Jay London, is committed to helping families take the stress out of the college admissions process and dedicated to aiding students in making common sense decisions aimed at long-term success.

Jay London, The College Advice Guy (www.thecollegeadviceguy.com), is an expert when it comes to getting kids admitted not only to the college of their choice, but also to the one that is best fit.

“College is a major investment for you and your family and, in the end, you want the assurance that your investment is going to effectively fuel your child’s success,” London says. “You need someone in your corner guiding you along the way. The College Advice Guy is here for you.”

Working with London is a boon for both parents and kids. His aim is to help parents stress less and help students easily clear the hurdles surrounding college admission. London’s clients can expect to develop a college application success plan that includes: learning how to polish college essay response questions and effective admissions interview techniques; maximizing college financial aid resources, scholarships, and grants; creating a personalized academic plan to keep students on track for on-time graduation; gaining valuable life skills that transfer into the job market and can help secure future internships.

London has developed a specific method for helping his clients demystify the college enrollment process and get beyond the glitzy exterior of college catalogs and campuses to make choosing a college a rational decision, rather than an emotional one.

“Our clients learn how to maintain control over the admissions process thereby reducing the role that emotions typically play in leading to regrettable decisions,” London says.

To keep his finger on the pulse of the evolving college admissions process, London makes sure to stay in touch with enrollment and financial aid offices at colleges across the country.

“In just the last 8 months, I met with hundreds of the Country’s top college admissions representatives, financial aid officers and enrollment managers,” London says. “In the last year alone, I personally toured over 50 of this country’s top colleges.”

Since enrollment trends can vary year-to-year, London makes his own professional development paramount. Staying on point, on top of trends and constantly looking toward the future of college enrollment and admissions policies and procedures, is key to London’s ability to give his clients accurate and up-to-date information.

“I do this every year in order to learn what is currently important in admissions decisions as opposed to relying upon what’s written in the latest college admissions’ guides which, by their very nature, contain out-of-date information based on last year’s class,” London says.

While London works hard for his business, his reward comes, he says, when college admission becomes a reality for his clients.

“When a student realizes that there are paths to success available to them – regardless of their position in life – and that we can show them the way, that is the best part of this work,” London says. “Educating people about the realities and dangers of easy financial aid or easy credit and unsustainable debt, while showing them how to obtain a remarkable and affordable future, is rewarding as well.”

College is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy; it’s a necessity. According to London, hiring an expert like The College Advice Guy is a necessity as well.

“Having a personal college advisor is a necessity and not a luxury,” London says. “A College education is a major consumer purchase, the effects of which are greater than buying a computer, a car or even a house.”

London also offers professional training and seminars to high school guidance counselors to help them learn how best to navigate the system and assist their students on the ground.

“We also frequently work in conjunction with many financial advisory firms to provide financial aid education to insure that students have the necessary financial literacy to make informed college decisions,” London says.

For more information about Jay London and The College Advice Guy, visit www.thecollegeadviceguy.com.


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