Mr. Marketology Jeff Beale Reveals Internal Struggles and Solutions to Marketing and Branding for Business Expansion

Published on August 27, 2014

Jeff Beale, known as Mr. Marketology, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show, where he discussed how he enables departments to work together towards a common goal and a company’s success.

Mr. Marketology, Jeff Beale, a highly successful business consultant, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. Beale and Mize discussed internal struggles that often cause unnecessary obstacles when companies are expanding and trying to fast track their position in the market and how he has specialized in overcoming these struggles.

Very often, in larger companies or in the corporate world, a communication block between departments may be the root cause of many problems, which can slow down and even prevent a company from achieving marketing success.

Beale shares, “A lot of times, the actual technical team or those technicians, they don’t understand the overall goal. And the executives, they have the big picture, but they may not understand the intricate details of it. And so the disconnect would be that both groups are looking at different goals. Both are looking at what’s in it for them as far as the approach to the goals which are different. And so the disconnect is there.”

Beale specializes in working with successful companies that are expanding or adding products or services, and that are having struggles with this disconnect between the marketing department, executives and the technical teams.

Beale’s role is to come in to such a situation, assess it and determine where the gaps are. He is able to set systems and blueprints in place, as well as evaluate and work with all the personalities and egos involved, to turn the situation around.

He is highly skilled at making all involved realize the common goals they all should have, as well as the personal investment which contributes to the success of the company, and ultimately, the success of everyone involved in that company.

Beale is very successful in helping companies on a short-term basis, unlike many other consultants. He helps companies turn things around and then, as market conditions change over time, he may return in the future to add new strategies or recommend changes to what is being done.

In addition to personal face-to-face consulting, Beale has perfected the ability to work virtually with his many clients, leaving a permanent presence, even in his absence.

“Coming in and working beside you as a partner and then documenting everything so we can go ahead and transfer that knowledge, whether I’m sitting there or not – that’s something that I strive to do with every company. Because you’re paying for that knowledge. And if you can’t keep the knowledge with you in a tangible format, it’s kind of hard to say that I’ve benefitted you in that fashion,” says Beale.

Beale is highly successful at what he does because he focuses on the principles, as well as the mechanics of what a company is doing, not just the tactics. With that, a company can weather a change in platforms because they’ll always be successful in applying the principles.

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