Jesse Elder, Transformational Business Coach, on the Hidden Profit Path Show

Published on October 21, 2014

Jesse Elder shares his insights gleaned from winning a martial arts studio in a fight with the owner, growing it to multiple locations, and what he’s most excited about going forward.

Jesse Elder’s life has followed a winding and fascinating path. The meteoric rise of his entrepreneurial journey began when he was challenged to a fight with the owner of a martial arts studio.

He didn’t back down. He accepted the challenge, defeated the owner, and won the keys to the martial arts studio.

Jesse, through a series of trial and error and a major investment in a mentor, would go on to grow that martial arts studio into multiple locations and over $3 million per year in revenue. He said during the interview one of the things he loved most was to see the growth and transformation in his employees and instructors.

Jesse now helps entrepreneurs transform themselves and their businesses.

He brings a wealth of knowledge. He offers insights from his own eclectic personal business experiences as well as lessons learned from his mentors and high-level mastermind members. He even gleaned insights from a disciplined stalker he had while running the martial arts studios!

One of the big concepts that has been useful for his students is A.P.C. These initials stand for: authenticity, power, clarity. Jesse is an open and transparent guy. He’s found this way of being to be very useful to achieving desired outcomes.

His wake-up call came when he almost died due to injuries from an MMA match. He suffered a collapsed lung. Seeing his friends and family members anguish in the waiting room caused him to pause. He wondered, “What am I doing?”

He reevaluated and set on a new course. He decided what he thought of himself mattered most. He wasn’t going to fall into the trap of tying his identity to what other people thought. If they liked him or didn’t like him wasn’t going to change the course Jessie set for himself.

“My life consists of 3 pursuits: 1) gaining experience by doing not sitting on the sidelines 2) internalizing and owning each experience 3) expressing, sharing and amplifying those experiences into useful lessons for others.”

The Hidden Profit Path Show strives to express, share and amplify the experiences of its’ guests into useful lessons for others.

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