“Shrink of MLM” Takes Fear out of Network Marketing

Published on October 22, 2014

Body Mind Therapist of 30 years, Bess McCarty, helps network marketers turn their businesses into financial power houses from the inside out.

Network Marketers, also called multi-level-marketers, generally don’t like to call, or “bug”, people. They worry so much about this that it can cripple their business, and be responsible for the 90% failure rate in this profession. 

That’s why Bess McCarty, Body Mind Therapist of 30 years and former full-time network marketer, has tackled this problem. Her success rate is 100% for those who use her methods of clearing their call reluctance.

“My Real Conversations method gets to the negative programs and removes them by meeting the core psychological need they are crying for. So network marketers can actually enjoy their business. It works every time,” says Bess.

#1 network marketing trainer, Eric Worre, echoes Bess’s message that personal growth is imperative in this profession.

“Network marketing forced me to become a better person. At its core, this profession is an incubator for personal growth. You learn to face your fears, solve your problems, and lead.” ~ Eric Worre

Bess uses assessments, a 2 hour regression, and homework to clear fear of success or failure, low self-esteem, negative beliefs, and procrastination, to replace them with confidence, posture, and leadership. So network marketers can do their business free of inner constraints. 

How It Is Working For People

“I had some blockage, I went through the process with Bess, I got past the blockage. I have a totally different outlook now. Nothing’s going to stand in my way! I have energy in my voice and the confidence to make the calls. People see the difference in me! On a scale of 1-10, my confidence was a 2 before the process, and a 9-10 now. I’m making 7 times more calls than I did before. All the stars are lined up. I’m super excited! It’s my time!” ~ James O’Connell

Network marketers can find plenty of helpful business tools from Bess at http://www.mlmmillionaireclub.com/

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Phone: 512-569-1139
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