Jesse Miller Founder of Integrity Enterprises Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs About the Business Growth Academy

Jesse Miller of Integrity Enterprises offers crucial information about the power of coaching and mentorship.

Jesse Miller is the president and founder of Integrity Enterprises and has devoted his career to learning what does and does not work in business. He is specifically concerned with what makes some businesses and individuals successful and what things simply do not work. His education in these endeavors has led him to create his own consulting and business investing enterprise so he can help other entrepreneurs build success in their own business pursuits.

During the interview, Jesse Miller offers insights as to why it is beneficial for entrepreneurs to have mentors or coaches to assist with the process. These are professionals who have walked these pathways and can help to provide confirmation for various things entrepreneurs need to do – as well as a gentle push in the right direction at times. But also, he mentions that entrepreneurs can learn from the mistakes of their mentors and coaches so they do not repeat them or suffer the business setbacks some of these mistakes may cause.

Another way Miller believes he can help business leaders is by offering his industry knowledge to help them make profitable improvements to their business. Whether it is customer service suggestions, advice on automating the business process to free up more time, or even guidance related to the mechanics of how businesses operate to add more value to the business.

Miller also recommends that many businesses benefit from bringing outside insight and focus into the business with mentors, consultants, and coaches as they offer a broader insight and approach enabling entrepreneurs to avoid “missing the forest for the trees.”

Learn more about how an outside perspective can help entrepreneurs build more successful businesses by listening to the interview.

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