Jim Neister to Represent Eco-Engineered Products That Clean Up the Planet, One Conscience and Car Engine at a Time

Published on November 24, 2014

New Hampshire based JEN Marketing Group is now an Xtreme Green Distributor. Founder Jim Neister offers their environmentally friendly products including ‘Engine Life Treatment.'

Hybrid drivers, carpoolers, and other conscientious car owners have a new way to lower their carbon footprint while getting around. Xtreme Green has introduced a brand new line of vehicle maintenance products, all of which were engineered to conserve nonrenewable resources and cut down on chemical pollution.

Xtreme Green’s new consumer products range from extreme pressure lubricants to waterless car cleaners, and they all promise to extend the life of car engines and paint jobs without causing excessive energy, fuel, or water use. And while the products themselves are new, the technology that makes them effective isn’t.

For decades, testing laboratories have innovated new ways to reduce energy use and pollution in the oil, mining, and transportation industries. These efforts have resulted in more sustainable lubrication technologies, which help to reduce wear and tear on essential equipment without leaking harmful chemicals into the environment or water supply.

Xtreme Green’s newest distributor is an international bestselling author who was so enthusiastic about the products’ eco-friendly benefits that he decided to help spread the word. Jim Neister, president of JEN Marketing Group, filmed several reviews of the Xtreme Green collection before deciding to incorporate the brand into his life in a much bigger way.

“I liked the products so much that I became a distributor for them,” Neister explains, citing their green yet powerful ingredients as a turning point in his relationship with his car. He now gladly brings the products to the attention of everyone he meets.

Neister sees Xtreme Green as a step in the right direction for the auto industry. Rather than relying on harsh chemicals and high-wattage equipment to prolong the lives of engines, the company’s products are activated by energy sources that already exist, such as heat and pressure.

For consumers who care just as much about the planet as they do about their vehicles, Xtreme Green offers an opportunity to incorporate that compassion into their regular vehicle maintenance.

Visit http://www.xgopportunity.com/xgproducts for more information.

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