Joel Helfer, Broadcast Media Authority Becomes National Radio Producer For Savvy Business Radio

Published on October 11, 2016

Joel Helfer, Broadcast Media Authority, is promoted to National Radio Producer of business talk show. Actively seeking to identify exciting guests qualified as unique and remarkable!

Joel Helfer, local broadcast media authority (Windermere, Fla) was promoted to National Radio Producer by Christina Nitschmann, host of Savvy Business Radio,
(Brooklyn, NY), airing on 8 national radio and 6 podcast platforms.

Savvy Business Radio is a national talk show with on air coverage in
Tampa, FL (102.1FM & 1630 AM), Lancaster, PA (102.1FM & 1640 AM/FM),
Macon, GA (98.3FM & 810 AM), Boulder, CO (100.7 FM), Milwaukee, WI (104.1 FM), Pittsburgh, PA (107.3 FM), and Long Beach CA, (101.5 FM).

Savvy Business Radio is also heard on iHeart Radio, Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, Spreaker, Tunein, Soundcloud, and AM/FM 247.

Christina Nitschmann, talk show host, discusses thought-provoking subjects most relevant to over half a million listeners in her audience. Guests are empowered with the credibility and media exposure they desire.

Christina says, “Our purpose is to provide entrepreneurs and successful individuals the platform to express their dreams, hopes, lessons-learned, and expertise with the world.”

Nitschmann goes on to declare, “We found our biggest inspirations come from hearing people share their personal stories of success, journeys, and overcoming obstacles.”

Prominent guests Christina Nitschmann interviewed include Tosaca Reno, Canada’s leading health expert, Chelsea ‘Abingdon’ Welch, Aviator and TV Star, Ben Swann, two- time Emmy award winning investigative reporter, Lionel of Lionel Media, and Joel Comm, internet marketing expert.

Joel Helfer is actively seeking to identify exciting guests qualified as unique and remarkable who are motivated to share their expertise within the media spotlight. This includes authors, personalities, business owners, and professionals in both public and private sector.

“We are looking for people who do great work that the world should know and hear”, Helfer states.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Savvy Business Radio offers closed-set professionally recorded video interviews for those seeking visibility in addition to being heard via radio.

Joel Helfer, show producer for Savvy Business Radio, is proud and honored to be part of Christina Nitchmann’s team producing dynamic shows.

With radio, limited guest-slots are available. All future guests must submit online requests for an appearance on the show. A scheduled conversation with Mr.Helfer is expected before a show-date is confirmed.

Savvy Business Radio is aired every Thursday at 3pm EST.

Apply for a slot on the show by contacting:

Joel Helfer at
Schedule a call atĀ

Company Name: Savvy Business Radio
Contact Person: Joel Helfer
Phone: 407-656-2520
Country: USA