John Thibault, Founder of iLobby, Interviewed on How Micro-Lobbying Allows Your Voice to Be Heard on Critical Political Issues

Published on October 11, 2016

In this interview with John Thibault, listeners will learn how to enact change in matters of concern within their governmental sphere of involvement, limit frustration, work within the channels of governmental officials, explore options to keep the total cost of involvement low, and build relationships with politicians. iLobby was founded by John Thibault.

John Thibault has the passion to enact change and help others do the same. iLobby was founded to help make lobbying an affordable option for enacting change. John Thibault wants people to know that lobbyists are people who know the facts about current issues and they understand how the system works in government. He wants the cost to be affordable and for people to learn to trust the knowledge that lobbyists bring in enacting change.

Thibault wants to see people be more involved in enacting change in government and to enact change effectively. Referring to the ability to make a difference through change, he has learned that, “The information from the people at the top, the one percent, is not shared; folks do not understand that they can do some of the same things.”

John Thibault is the founder and CEO of iLobby and the author of the #1 International Bestseller, “How to Change a Law.” He previously served in government affairs at MCA/Universal. He was the first VP of business development and marketing at eBay and the first VP of marketing at Financial Engines. With his wife, he founded and is Chairman of the Thibault Foundation, a private family foundation that supports charitable efforts focusing on children’s health, entrepreneurial financial literacy, education and self-sufficiency.

He serves on the Atherton IT Committee, was the former Chair of two successful parcel tax ballot measures and acted as the strategic campaign advisor to five successful local candidates. He has been published in several magazines including Association News, Manufacturing Today, CEO for High Growth Ventures and Millennial Magazine. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University and an MFA from UCLA.

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