Joel Helfer, Mojo Global Lead Generation Pro Demonstrates Proven System To Fill Your Calendar With Leads Every Day.

Joel Helfer, Mojo Global Lead Generation Pro Demonstrates Proven System To Fill Your Calendar With Leads Every Day.

Joel Helfer, Mojo Global Lead Generation Manager helps business owners and professionals fill their calendars each day with hot, warm and in discussion leads. Mojo has developed a proven 100% done for you system that gets you more selling conversations and eliminates time and money wasting cold calls and emails.

Joel Helfer, Lead Generation Manager for Mojo recently presented a 100% Done for You Lead Generation System to affluent business owners and professionals at a local Florida business conference. The money-making system was developed by Mojo Global founders Ira Rosen and Cory Michael Sanchez, highly respected and award-winning marketers from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Helfer stated “The 100% Done For You Lead Generations System gets both the owner and professional 20+ additional sales conversations each month. And the best part is that there is a team of highly skilled lead generation professionals working behind the scenes to produce hot, warm and in discussion leads.  All our clients must do is schedule a phone, or in person appointment and close the deal. This program is tremendous time and money saver for those sharp enough to take advantage of it”

Mojo Global recognized that it is getting more difficult to get in front of targeted prospects for your products and services. The average business owner is bombarded with literally thousands of messages each day, making it very difficult to be seen and heard.  And this trend will continue as technology improves.

Their solution to getting past the gatekeepers and getting in front of the decision makers is to use a proprietary system using a client LinkedIn account to introduce, invite and offer products and services with a daily stream of customized messages.  This is a manual system and each client has a team working for him to get the leads.

At a recent networking conference , Ira Rosen, Mojo Global founder gave a short interview on the benefits of this 100% Done For You Lead Service. Listen here:

In addition, both Ira Rosen and Cory Michael Sanchez, Mojo Global founders noted that the reason they developed their Done For You Lead Generation Program around LinkedIn is because LinkedIn according to both Forbes and Fortune magazine is the most affluent source of leads on the planet. Average income 112k per year Facebook only 62k.

If you did this yourself, it would take you four to six hours every day, and you would not get much else done according to Helfer.

Here is what some recent clients have had to say about Mojo Global and its lead generation skills.

“I’d rather be dragged through a cactus field, that make another cold call. Mojo has eliminated that part of the sales process and now gets me past the gatekeepers and in front of my ideal prospects in record time. Their training and staff are tremendous.
I highly recommend them”    K Sherman  (Peak Performers.)

“I just would like you to know that after 2 weeks I think we have identified two clients that we will do business with soon for at least $20,000 each. If we get one client per week, that will be awesome.”  Jeff M (US Air Charter Company)

“Your company has generated more conversations with qualified leads in 2 weeks than were generated for me by a tele sales- cold call campaign over a 2-month period. They called roughly 1000 companies, and the ROI on your service is already fantastic.”
YH (UK Devop Consulting Firm).

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