Jordan Flowers Speaks On Radio About Achieving Financial Freedom Through Tax Efficient Strategies

Published on September 13, 2016

Chicago-area Financial Advisor Jordan Flowers with WFSTA discusses retirement income planning, maximizing social security, and tax efficient strategies for secure retirement.

Jordan Flowers, a financial advisor with Wealth Financial Services and Tax Advisory in Buffalo Grove, Illinois spoke with radio host Mark Imperial about navigating complex tax issues in retirement planning. In an increasingly complex tax environment, Flowers has found ways to combine comprehensive and tax efficient financial planning to help clients maximize their returns.

Flowers was selected to appear on the program for his unique perspective as a Fiduciary.  “The biggest challenge is distinguishing the difference between the average broker / advisor compared to someone who is a fiduciary.” explained Flowers. “Many advisors out there are not fiduciaries, (which means) they are not legally bound to put the needs of their client ahead of their own.”

“Since we do tax planning & tax preparation as well as financial planning, we see our clients many times though out the year and they become a part of our financial family.” said Flowers. “Being able to inform the public of the importance of having their financial planning and tax planning working together in tandem is surreal.”

Flowers continued, “Every year, we not only review our clients financial plan, but we review the tax implications as well, to ensure our clients are informed and prepared for April 15!”

During the interview, Flowers explained the importance of income as a vital part of financial planning.  Making sure his clients have peace of mind in retirement is the main goal, and developing an Income plan for them is how they accomplish this.

Flowers shared how he takes social security into consideration, running social security reports to make sure his clients maximize the benefits of social security.

As a surprise to many listeners, Flowers mentioned that, although many folks dislike the word ‘budget’ when it comes to financial planning, he revealed that budgets actually allow them to spend more.

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