Kiki Orski, Founder of Peak Performance Consulting Featured on Influencers Radio

Published on September 30, 2014

Kiki Orski was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. Her company, Peak Performance Consulting, helps hospitals improve the patient experience.

Kiki Orski, the founder of Peak Performance Consulting, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize discussing how she is helping hospitals evaluate their patient satisfaction efforts on a deeper level and then make improvements that can make a dramatic difference in the patient experience.

Patient satisfaction survey scores, HCAHPS, have become a determining factor for certain types of insurance reimbursement for hospitals; as a result, hospitals are now financially vested in raising these scores.

Though many might view the benchmark for success to be whether or not the patient got better from the treatment they received, this is not necessarily what is being asked of the patients.

According to Orski, “When a patient goes to a hospital, the medical care that we give, the nursing care, the clinical care, they can’t judge that. They’re not the experts. They don’t know about the IV we’re giving them. They don’t know about the x-rays. They have their trust in us that, as experts, we’re doing what’s best.

But what they can judge is how we make them feel, how we treat them and how we approach them and how we answer their questions. It’s the people side of the business that they are able to judge us on. That’s what they’re an expert on.”

Orski believes that change has to start with the top leadership level of an organization. She shares, “We need to start with the leadership, because it’s the culture of an organization that will determine a lot of how we move forward with patient satisfaction. We want the leaders of the hospital to be the role models of how all our employees should behave. So we expect the same kind of behaviors out of our leaders that we do out of our employees.”

The leadership of a hospital should also be involved in making sure the accountability piece is in place for any policies or changes that are deemed necessary. It’s often difficult for an organization to see within itself what is wrong or lacking in an objective way. Orski excels at assisting with this and making sure all positive changes are sustainable.

The strategies she employs when she is working with a hospital ensure that the hospital is getting accurate, meaningful information from the patients they currently have and how they view their hospital stay.

Furthermore, Orski creates and provides the hospital with an action plan that, if implemented, will ensure immediate improvement. Orski would like to see hospital administrators strive to achieve 100% in their patient satisfaction scores, rather than compare themselves to other hospitals and be satisfied with less.

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