Small Business Trendsetters Announces Dr. Mark J. Page As Industry Leader and Advocate for Children

Published on September 30, 2014

Dr. Mark J Page has recently been showcased as a leader in his industry on Small Business Trendsetters. The profile sets Dr. Page apart as a visionary in optometry and discusses his concerns regarding eye care for school children.

Founder of the Arizona’s Vision Eye Care Center, Dr. Mark J. Page, Optometrist has been spotlighted as a success in his industry as he is being profiled by Small Business Trendsetters. The article discusses a number of concerns that Dr. Page has regarding school aged children and whether or not they’re getting the help that they need to be successful in their studies due to poor eye care and a lack of screening through the appropriate venues. Aside from being the founder of Vision Eye Care Center, Dr. Page also created Invisalens, which has been labeled as “braces for your eyes.”

The profile shows an insightful interview between Dr. Mark J. Page and Kristina Jacobs from Small Business Trendsetters. It concludes that while some schools and pediatricians may offer some form of eye screening for school aged children, many kids aren’t getting what they need from these tests. He said the following regarding the subject of alternative testing methods aside from those given by a licensed optometrist:

“Parents should know that studies have found that up to 11 percent of children who pass a vision screening actually have a vision problem that needs treatment. Also, children who fail vision screenings often don’t get the vision care they need.”

The profile also discusses Dr. Page’s views on children with 20/20 vision and his thoughts on whether or not they require a second opinion, with the conclusion that while a child may have perfect vision while sitting at a certain distance from a piece of paper listing letters and numbers, this doesn’t consider near- or far-sightedness. His concern stems not only from his wish to see children follow up with a professional optometrist for the best possible care, but also from his fears for the continuing decline of the eye health of children in schools. He has stated that the constant strain from squinting and forcing eyes to see at 20/20 when they could use some corrective lenses can cause headaches, eye strain, lead to problems in focusing in class, as well as other more drastic problems. Dr. Page explains:

“My office referred a 5 year old patient to the glaucoma specialists, and unfortunately, it was too late. He was probably born with glaucoma, but did not have an eye exam until later. At age 7 and a half he lost 100 percent of his eye sight. We don’t want that to happen to any other kids.”

Throughout the Small Business Trendsetters Profile, Dr. Mark J. Page is set apart as a leader in his industry, and shows a great deal of knowledge as well as a conscientious attitude toward school aged children requiring help with their vision. His focus includes appropriate HEV protection from High Energy Visible Light, glaucoma care, offering the highest levels of vision available, and a proactive approach to prescription accuracy.

Company Name: Aarizona's Vision Eye Care Center
Contact Person: Dr. Mark J. Page
Phone: (480) 568-5726
Country: USA