Laura J. Lieff, president of Accentuating Service, Coauthors Bestselling Book

Published on October 5, 2015

“Business Leadership Blueprints”, a recent Amazon bestseller, addresses the debate regarding whether great leadership is a skill you are born with or can be developed.

“Business Leadership Blueprints” became a bestseller on Amazon in 2 categories. The book features Laura J. Lieff and 4 other business professionals, chronicling leadership development and paths to success. Their examples form a blueprint for anyone seeking to develop their own leadership skills.

Leadership is a true calling. There is an ongoing debate about whether great leaders are born or they can be developed; the profiles in this book support both sides of the debate. Leadership can be hard to define, as it means different things to different people, yet there is no doubt when people meet a leader, they recognize them right away.

For the entrepreneur, business owner or employee trying to rise up the corporate ladder, there are valuable lessons contained within “Business Leadership Blueprints”. Using an interview format, the book profiles 5 leaders from different industries:  Laura J. Lieff, president of Accentuating Service, along with Jeffrey M. Bloom, Blane Friest, Todd Herschberg, and Jane Tabachnick.

The book follows the divergent paths these leaders took to achieve their leadership roles, and readers will be able to use some of the examples as roadmap to apply to their own leadership development. Laura J. Lieff, is the president of one of New York City’s top concierge and coaching firms – Accentuating Service. She began demonstrating her natural leadership skills when she taught high school English right after college. Laura launched her concierge and coaching company in April 2013. Prior to that time, she was president of M/L Legal Search Inc., the legal recruiting company that she founded in 1996, which placed attorneys into law firms worldwide. She was a legal recruiter for almost 30 years.

Laura has prior experience as an advertising executive of a top New York advertising agency and as administrative assistant to a Senior Vice President of a major publishing company. 

” “Business Leadership Blueprints” disproves the myth that leaders are born with the capacity to be great. The leaders profiled come from a variety of backgrounds but if you read their stories intently, you will find some common threads shared among successful leaders.” Jenny Chandler

“Business Leadership Blueprints” ISBN 978-0692547236- was released by Simply Good Press as a trade paperback. It has 114 pages and is available on Amazon for $14.99. It is also available in Kindle version for $3.99.  

About the Author:

Laura J. Lieff is the founder and president of Accentuating Service, a New York City firm offering coaching and concierge services. The firm specializes in coaching, providing career, life and dating coaching. The goal of their coaching is to help their clients become more effective in their careers and personal lives so that they are less stressed out. Accentuating Service also serves as part-time or as-needed personal, executive, and virtual assistants. For more information visit

About the Publisher:

Simply Good Press is an independent publishing company that works with entrepreneurs, professionals and service firms to help them become published bestselling authors. They also offer author marketing and promotional campaigns. For more information visit

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