Naomi Barr Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with the book Put Me In Coach Vol 1

Published on October 5, 2015

Naomi Barr, author, speaker and owner of, of Lombard, Illinois, tops best seller lists with the book Put Me in Coach Vol 1, featuring coaches from around the world who reveal their strategies for success in life and business.

The book hit best-seller lists on in Canada and Australia within 24 hours. It was ranked #1 in the “Ethics” category, as well as #3 in Kindle “Consulting” and #4 in the overall books “Small Business and Entrepreneurship” category.

Naomi Barr was introduced to entrepreneurialism at a young age. Her parents sold vitamins and mini-trampolines as she was growing up. She started in her first direct sales company when she was 18 years old. Barr has always been interested in finding ways to help people whether it is with someone else’s products or from showing her own creations at the local county fair. She first entered the direct sales arena as a Mary Kay consultant. For a fresh 18 year old who didn’t wear make-up or wash her face every day, it was a very interesting product to sell. To say the least, she admits really only dabbling in the business because she was not committed to the product – she had enrolled to help out her sister and to make a little bit of money. Eventually she moved on from Mary Kay to sell Tupperware. While she enjoyed the product, she was not crazy about the parties required to sell the product. She did okay with her Tupperware business but added on Avon to increase my money making opportunities. She stopped working both companies when she went to work at Disney World on the College Program.

When she returned from Disney, she continued her Tupperware business and worked it for additional income every now and then while still looking for other companies that she might be interested in joining.

Barr partnered up as a Lia Sophia adviser because she loved the jewelry, the money making potential, and the concept that she could help women feel better about themselves by accessorizing with jewelry.

She was then given the opportunity to become a Team Beach Body coach, she took the chance to change her health and her future. She is still creating her story and building her health and fitness business through Team Beach Body.

“Put Me in Coach Vol 1”, The World’s Leading Coaches and Entrepreneurs reveal TOP STRATEGIES For the Game of Life and Business, contains material gathered and authored from top coaches from around the world. It is aimed at inspiring readers to rise up after a fall, wake up from the deep slumber and step into the life they desire. The book contains tips and strategies to improve health, deal with social problems, and build a solid business.

Naomi Barr is available for book signings, as well as speaking engagements.

For more information about Naomi Barr, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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