Leadership Coach Sherry Swift’s Book “Grow into Yourself” Becomes the #1 Amazon Bestseller in Business Ethics

Sherry Swift, a leadership expert known to deliver explosive energy on the platform, coaching and training programs for entrepreneurs, salespeople and organizations and emerging leaders, has recently hit the headlines with her book titled ‘Grow into Yourself.’ Available currently in the Kindle and paperback versions, this book has recently emerged as the number one Amazon bestseller in Business Ethics.

Noted leadership expert and coach Sherry Swift is pleased to reveal that her recently released book ‘Grow into Yourself’ is now an Amazon bestseller in the category of Business Ethics. Sherry is the President & CEO of Swift Transitions. Swift Transitions offers coaching programs that are tailor-made for individuals, companies, personally and professionally geared toward moving from where you are to where you want to be.  Sherry is also an influential speaker on business leadership and professional development. A highly-respected personality in her field, Sherry is known for delivering constant ROI and helping people excel into becoming the best version of themselves.

Sherry wrote the book ‘Grow Into Yourself’ to serve people that consider life to be a journey. In this book, the author talks about love, spirituality, responsibility and sexuality.  Sherry hopes that her book will take the readers to an irreversible experience of visiting unfamiliar places, thinking original thoughts, and identifying new goals and desires. 

“I wrote this book to light the way for others who are sick and tired of being sick and tired! This book is fully transparent, devotional to my past circumstances and a workbook to get through your junk and into your life! Now, as a Best-Selling Author, I am grateful and hopeful that this work will have the opportunity to touch more lives than I imagined. I hope you’ll share it with anyone is ready for a break-through!”  said Sherry about becoming a Best-Selling Author.

‘Grow into Yourself’ was released in January 2017, and has received an excellent response so far from the Amazon buyers. In his Amazon review, a highly impressed reader mentions, “Grow into Yourself by Sherry Swift has the power to transform your life or business. It was everything I expected and so much more. As I was reading it, I felt that all my thoughts, words, actions and choices were being validated in her words. It was like having my own personal coaching session every time I picked up the book. I believe that it will be a bestseller for how-to growth books on the market and one that you will be want to pick up and re-read anytime you are at the crossroads in your journey. It’s the best gift you could give yourself and those you care about.”    

More about Sherry Swift and her Amazon bestseller can be found at https://www.sherryswift.com/

About Sherry Swift: Sherry is a leadership coach and speaker who brings energy, light, and laughter to the platform. She has steeped in production based coaching and training and has a track record of assisting people in living their best lives, personally and professionally. She communicates intention, tragedy recovery and accountability with grit, boldness, and action that is designed to change things! She is the author of the book “Grow into yourself” and the “Grow into Yourself Growth Journal”. Sherry resides in Southeast Michigan.

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