Tony Giordano’s “The Social Agent: The New Era of Social Networking” is a No 1 International Best Seller

Published on April 12, 2017

Celebrity Real Estate Guru, Tony Giordano’s book outranks other industry leaders in 9 categories on Amazon Internationally.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, APRIL 4TH, 2017 – Tony Giordano’s The Social Agent: The New Era of Social Networking recently became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, where it led the charts in nine categories internationally.

The Social Agent gives readers insight on how to use a simple approach to social media to grow a business and a professionals production. The Social Agent teaches readers why they must build their own brand online with some easy to follow strategies that can give a substantial increase in sales and productivity.

Giordano, President and founder at Giordano Industries and The Opulent Agency, was pleased to see the relaunch of The Social Agent outrank all other books in Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Sales, and in the Buying and Selling Homes categories.

One recent reader said, “Tony killed it! His book focuses on social media as a tool for human interaction, not solely as an extension of your office. The Social Agent is one big ‘how to’ book for increasing your production by digitally mixing work with play in an appropriate manner.”

Another reader commented, “A MUST read for today’s independent business professionals! If you are in the business of generating new leads and nurturing your current contacts (regardless of the industry you’re in) – this book is for you! Tony offers great, easy to implement tips that will not only increase your business but also increase your free time!”

Giordano leverages his proven system to help business professionals create strong, successful brands that benefit from expert branding and positioning. With content marketing being a leading strategy used by businesses of all sizes, Giordano decided to use The Social Agent to offer an effective blueprint for using social media as business growth tool. Readers also learn how to get in front of their ideal prospects, position themselves as an authority, separate themselves from competition, and make prospects come to them.

Currently, The Social Agent is available exclusively on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. More information can be found at

About Tony Giordano

Tony Giordano is a national speaker, trainer, coach, thought leader, celebrity real estate agent as seen on Bravo TVs Million Dollar Listing, and President and Founder of Giordano Industries and The Opulent Agency. He has a deep passion in not just telling people they “can do it.” But showing them “HOW TO DO IT.”

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