Les Eads, Indianapolis Hair Replacement Specialist, Reveals Newest Trends in Hair Replacement on MegaBucks Radio

Les Eads, Indianapolis Hair Replacement Specialist, Reveals Newest Trends in Hair Replacement on MegaBucks Radio

Indianapolis Hair Replacement Specialist, Les Eads, was the featured guest on MegaBucks Radio with host Nina Hershberger talking about the newest trends in hair replacement for men and women, as well as the secret behind President Donald Trump’s hair.

On a recent episode of MegaBucks Radio with Nina Hershberger, Les Eads, Indianapolis Hair Replacement Specialist, discussed the newest trends in hair replacement for men and women. Two thirds of men will have thinning hair by age 35 and 50% of women by age 50. Hair replacement systems are a fast-growing solution for many of them.

During this episode, Eads described what causes hair loss, what works and doesn’t work to stop the loss, hair transplants, as well as the newest trends in hair replacement. 

“Donald Trump is the victim of a botched hair implant job,” Eads explains “He can’t really cut his hair short because there’s not enough hair left in the donor site. It’s why in many cases a hair replacement system is far superior to hair transplant: you can get the exact look you want and change it over time – all without pain and possibility of a permanently bad look.”

Eads added, “The best way to see the cause of hair loss is to examine it under a microscope. In some cases, the loss is due to using bad hair products but in many cases, it is caused by hereditary or hormonal issues. It’s important to determine the cause of hair loss before deciding the best method: from better hair products to laser treatments to hair transplant to hair replacement (called a Hair Replacement System by the professionals).”

Eads noted, “Having natural looking hair with a hair replacement system is 1/2 the skill of the person designing and custom ordering the system, 1/4 the skill the person trimming the hair around it, and 1/4 the client properly washing and moisturizing the hair.”

Les Eads is the owner of Carmel Hair Technologies and Michiana Hair Technologies  in Indiana. A 40-year veteran in the hair industry, Eads is one of just a handful of highly-trained hair replacement experts with the skills that high-profile executives and public figures trust – which is why they fly in to have him design their hair systems.

 For the super busy executive, Eads will even fly to them. While it’s not inexpensive, it’s worth it to them to have the best natural looking – indistinguishable that it’s not their natural –  hair.

The market for women’s hair replacement is becoming the fastest growing segment. While society accepts bald men, women’s self-worth and confidence is directly attached to hair. When they lose it or it thins noticeably, they more frequently look for solutions than do men.

The interview concluded with Eads noting, “Long gone is the old fragile human toupee that would blow up with the wind or the obvious hair wig for women. Today’s high tech systems (with someone highly trained and skilled) can be designed with just the right about of thickness, wave pattern, color – including grey. It is a 100% custom designed system that can be washed in the shower, blow-dried and styled anyway you want, worn while swimming or doing extreme sports without worry.

Bald is out. Natural looking hair is back in for both men and women.”

To listen to the full interview on MegaBucks Radio, visit http://businessinnovatorsradio.com/les-eads-new-trends-in-thinning-hair-for-both-men-and-women/.

To learn more about Les Eads, please visit his site at http://carmelhairtechnologies.com/.

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