Lisa Laura, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Named Co-Author of Silver Linings Storybook, Hosts Vision Board Workshop This Weekend

Published on February 5, 2016

Connecticut- Lisa Laura with Logically Lifted LLC, will be hosting a vision board workshop this weekend at the two-day Winter Wellness Expo 2016 in Enfield. Laura was recently named one of the coauthors of the first volume of Silver Linings Storybook

Laura’s purpose in sharing her story, both in the book and in her workshops and events, is to connect with others and offer support to anyone wanting to change their life.

As a certified health and wellness coach who focuses on the mind body connection, the silver lining has always been a theme that heavily influences her life. She says “I’m a huge believer of the silver linings perspective and have been all my life! Knowing this book can go so far and reach so many people, even working with the multiple authors as my new colleagues – it is a very exciting experience to get to be a part of. To think that my story can have a ripple effect and potentially impact millions of lives is so surreal.“

Laura is constantly extending this mentality to her business; coaching and workshops and speaking all focus on supporting people who crave more out of life but sometimes feel stuck, or afraid of change. She works to foster a hopeful mindset with clients who connect with her story “To think that one story, my story can have a ripple effect and change millions of lives is so surreal.”

Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days in Professional and Personal Life is about sharing personal stories that will inevitably impact many others. “This book is about the real value in life we take away from challenging times.” says her publisher and creator of Silver Linings Storybook, Debbie Horovitch. She describes the book as a guide for people who are struggling, to help them have faith in a positive outcome.

“It’s about recognizing how strong, capable, and enduring we are, and how embracing those abilities will always help you fulfill your dreams in business, and in life. This book will showcase the best and most valuable insights from people from all walks of life, who have triumphed over incredible adversity.”

Driven in her own life to value authentic experiences, Laura describes her story for the book as “Awakening through loss, loneliness and acceptance” she is on a mission to inspire people on their path to greater health and wellness, by healing from the inside out. A common theme in history, and for Laura, looking for silver linings is about the power of changing perspectives.

Famed writer Ernest Hemingway said “We’re stronger in the places that we’ve been broken.”

Over the years as a coach, she draws on her corporate world experience in marketing to connect with and understand her client’s challenges.

“Lisa is relatable, authentic and soulfully savvy! Love her approach, perspective and realism.”

“I felt fully supported throughout my entire experience working with my her. It was a very uplifting experience”

“Because of Lisa’s outgoing and enlightening personality, I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a change or is struggling to find positivity in their life”

“Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about helping people. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone who needs help with improving your life.”

“Lisa’s ongoing support helped guide me on the right path towards achieving my own health and wellness goals. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to work through any personal blockages and improving general health and wellbeing, starting from within.”

“If you have Serious goals, you will get serious results. Lisa is an excellent motivator with a sincere desire to help one conquer their personal goals. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who desires even the smallest change in their life or anyone with a specific goal in mind who is having a difficult time finding the motivation to succeed”

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