GeniWorld, The First Social Media Platform for Educators & Parents, Launches in the Middle East

Published on February 5, 2016

Baruch Spiegel, CEO and Founder of G.E.N.I. (Global Education Network Initiative) has launched the first social media platform for educators and parents, GeniWorld.

Baruch Spiegel, CEO and Founder of G.E.N.I. (Global Education Network Initiative) has launched the first social media platform for educators and parents, GeniWorld.  Free to join, GeniWorld has all the latest social media features to keep members busy. Along with the interactive forums and instructional blogs, the platform offers events, groups, media sharing and messaging to keep the site flowing with communication and collaboration.

Spiegel notes, “Although there are many sites that provide educational resources, I couldn’t find a site that allowed educators and parents to find their voice. In order for our educational community to come together, we need to allow educators and parents alike to express the successes and failures they have experienced within a structured forum that is focused on constructive and meaningful change. As a big advocate of collaborative learning, building a new community to create a new narrative for education seemed the natural course to take and using a social media vehicle to do that would provide a familiar surrounding within which to communicate.”

With topics such as e-learning, sources of inspiration, autism, research and book reviews, GeniWorld allows members to engage and interact about topics that mean something to them. Members are encouraged to share and talk about their own experiences, discussing what has worked and what hasn’t.

In addition to the forums, the site hosts a top class blog feed and members are encouraged to share their blogs and stories. Spiegel adds, “I believe we all have a story to tell that is worth listening to, and so it will be exciting to hear the ongoing narratives of others.”

Spiegel has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for 15 years. He specializes in creating individualized programs of support for children that have autism, learning difficulties and/or severe problem behaviors. He has created a wide range of services for the educational community that aim to inspire meaningful change in classrooms and homes, as well as shift the focus of education to a whole new set of learning dimensions and new structures of policy-making and decision-making processes. An advocate of both inclusion and collaboration, Spiegel has begun a call to action to bring all educators together to reshape and redefine the educational system.

The author of the best-selling book, Hope & Change: Building a Better Future for our Children, Spiegel describes the need to create a sense of community within schools, beginning with the educators themselves.

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