Logistics Expert Randy Stanbury Interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine about The Future of The Industry

Published on July 6, 2015

With the world's first self-driving truck on the road and the advent of 3D printing, the transportation and logistics industry will be disrupted. The survivors of the disruption will be companies that adapt to changes in technology.

Burlington, Ontario, July 6, 2015 — Randy Stanbury, Owner and President of Service Freight Systems Inc, appeared in Business Innovators magazine recently for a profile interview. Stanbury discussed the effects of technological trends on the future of transportation logistics.

Stanbury spends considerable time and money keeping up with the latest developments in technology that could have an impact on the transportation industry. As the owner of a business that handles transportation and logistics for food company manufacturers, Stanbury knows how much these trends, such as autonomous trucks and 3-D printing, can cause business leaders in the industry to adapt or risk losing clients. As Stanbury explains, “We have to be creating incubators within our own organizations. That’s what we need to be doing today to stay cutting-edge, to stay competitive.”

Stanbury encourages business leaders in the transportation industry to stay on top of the latest technological advancements and be willing to come up with innovative ways to adapt. He stresses that there are very serious disruptions that will be affecting the transportation and trucking industry in the near future. Stanbury discusses these disruptions, which could include a much lower demand for long-haul trucking, and stresses that companies that manage to change in order to accommodate these will continue to succeed.

The Service Freight Systems owner also talks about the importance of customer service in the transportation industry. Stanbury is committed to ensuring reliable communication between his clients and employees, which has helped his company earn a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. He explains that his company anticipates delays and makes sure that clients are kept informed of any issues that might affect deliveries. The company employs more than enough workers to track and trace deliveries, which helps ensure that issues and delays are caught and handled promptly.

In addition to adapting to upcoming changes and offering excellent customer service, Stanbury’s experience as the president of a transportation and logistics company has given him valuable insight into turning business ideas into reality. Stanbury was able to share his knowledge by co-authoring a best-selling book, “The Expert Success Solution,” which he also discusses during the interview. He explains the issues that motivated him to offer advice to entrepreneurs who have ideas on starting a business but aren’t sure how to implement them. Stanbury talks about how common it is to give up on ideas after being discouraged by others or failing to deal with challenges. He provides insight on how entrepreneurs can overcome these obstacles and achieve their goals.

Stanbury’s advice on adapting to technological trends, improving customer service and bringing business ideas to life provides an information-rich interview. This information offers an in-depth and insightful profile of one of the transportation industry’s most innovative business owners.

Service Freight Systems is a third-party logistics and warehousing agent with headquarters in Burlington, Ontario.

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